Bangkok Post new design

Bangkok Post new design

Cleaner, faster, friendlier

To our readers,

In 1996, the Bangkok Post first launched its first website, one of the first in the country in the nascent years of the global Internet. 

How much things have changed. In 2018, over 11 million people accessed the Bangkok Post website for news and information about Thailand, Asia and the world. 

Today, we are delighted to show you our new Bangkok Post website. 

Soonruth Bunyamanee, the editor of the Bangkok Post, said improving functionality for mobile devices was a key goal in the site redesign.

“The new website was coded from scratch. Making sure that mobile users could see all of our online content was also a priority, as well as an improved viewing experience, whether it be with text, photos or videos,” he said.

Jaturong Chimruang, the production lead for the project, said the changes focused on simplifying and modernising the user interface while maintaining the site's core identity

“We wanted to make sure readers feel that using the site is easier than before, while also introducing a modern architecture to provide a better, faster experience,” he said.

The mantra for the six-month project can be summarised in three words: cleaner, faster and friendlier.


The home page has been simplified to better organise and group content for easier navigation. News updates are prominently featured to ensure readers have quick access to the latest news, together with story highlights curated by the Bangkok Post editors representing the most important stories from across a wide spectrum of categories.

Story topics are also used to highlight and group content packages featuring related content surrounding the biggest news stories and events.


The redesign features a completely new architecture aimed at ensuring a faster and more responsive experience for users, whether it be through a desktop, mobile or tablet device.

Artificial intelligence is also selectively used in the background to customise story recommendations based on individual interests and habits, ensuring that readers see the content that is most relevant to them at all times.

Navigation, sharing and comment functions have also been strengthened and simplified to make it easier for readers to share and engage with stories of interest.


The new layout design aims to make reading the news easier for readers. The responsive design also ensures that users see the same content, regardless of the device used. Fonts and spacing has also been adjusted with an eye on improved readability, particularly for mobile devices, together with new navigation tools to cater to smartphone users.  

Try our Bangkok Post new design here.

Yours sincerely,

Chiratas Nivatpumin

Acting Chief Operating Officer - Newspaper Business

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