Thai inventions inspired by Covid-19

Thai inventions inspired by Covid-19

Covid-19 is the mother of invention as evidenced by various inventions many people have come up with. You may have already seen the new PPE-inspired uniforms introduced by AirAsia, which have been designed by Filipino fashion designer Puey Quinones, as it resumes operations today but we're talking more out of the box. Protective properties of these DIY creations I've spotted may not be 100% proven but all guarantee a smile if not a laugh.

Here's a few favourites for your entertainment.

Holy Tunnel

A group of monks in Ubon Ratchathani constructed a DIY disinfecting tunnel. It consists of PVC tubes, a fogging system and transparent sheets, big enough for people to walk through one by one. As they walk through it for about 10 seconds, they will be gently sprayed with a disinfectant solution by foggers installed on the ceiling of the tunnel. Not sure if it works but it should put the temple-­goers' minds at ease. Sathu to their ­creativity.

(Photos: Seesan Social via Facebook)

Banknote Disinfecting Machine

Washing every banknote and coin with soap for 20 seconds sounds like too much work for minimising the chance of contracting Covid-19. Asst Prof Sakrawee Raweekul, a lecturer at Rajamangala University of Technology Isan, has adapted an ice bucket into a banknote disinfecting machine. In a short video posted through his uni's Facebook page, Sakrawee went into details about why the bucket is the perfect candidate for his invention. Its smooth surface inside reflects light well, for example. Under the lid, he installed a UV light system in the centre. The other main component inside the bucket is a stainless stand on which he attaches banknotes with clothespins. He also has a perforated plastic tray where you can put coins for disinfection. To disinfect currencies, you attach banknotes to the stand, put the coins in the tray, close the lid and let the UV light does its thing for five to 10 minutes. He recommends keeping the lid closed when the light is on at all times, obviously.

(Photo: RMUTI Khon Kaen via Facebook)

Thai Farmer Hat 4.0

Asst Prof Takerng Pattanopas, a professor at Chula, and Yanothai Treeratchoti have improved on a traditional Thai farmer hat called ngob to protect the wearer from Covid-19. The form of ngob lends itself to be adapted into a face shield already. Simply attach a clear piece of PVC sheet around its brim with Velcro and you get yourself a Thai-style face shield. You can simply reuse it after wiping it with disinfectant alcohol, too.

(Photo: Takerng Pattanopas via Facebook)

Holy Face Masks

We have seen all kinds of mask designs floating online but have you found one with an auspicious (or placebo if you're not a believer) effect yet? Wat Phai Lom in Nakhon Pathom adds a holy flair to their special-edition muslin face masks that come with a talisman printed on them. The talisman isn't just another design as its creator Luang Pi Nam Fon explained that it features the guardian of Thai hell and other auspicious symbols, promising full protection of any bad things. The masks are available in nine colours and a smaller size for kids, too. Masks are sold for B59 each and sale proceeds will be spent on good causes.

(Photo: Wat Phai Lom)

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