Bureaucracy still baffles

Bureaucracy still baffles

All the requirements of bureaucracy in this country have not changed in more than 100 years.

My sister wanted to sell my mother's car. The car is still in my mother's name; she passed away three years ago. The district asked my three brothers and my sister to show up at the same time. Yesterday, each of us were interviewed.

They asked if our parents had been living together before they were married. We were also asked if our mother had any children before she married my father; for our parents' marriage certificate; and when our grandparents passed away.

This car is 20 years old and sold for 40,000 baht. Besides us five, they also asked for two witnesses who know both my mother and sister.

This was an unusual experience.

Frustrated Citizen

Support freedom of speech

Re: "Prayut files defamation charges against rapper," (BP, July 22).

While I really do understand the prime minister's frustration with Covid misinformation, the vaccination campaign in America might provide some instructive foresight into the harm which can be caused by persecuting people who disagree with the government, even if their information is foundation.

When President Joe Biden took over the US vaccination drive, his first five months were quite successful. But by July, it became clear that vaccinations were slowing down, and the president's response was to blame Facebook, announce a highly unpopular door-to-door vaccination effort, and attempt to police private text messages deemed as misinformation.

As a result, many don't trust President Biden or his vaccine policies, and vaccinations are stalling in the USA, arguably contributing to avoidable infections.

Jason A Jellison

Give Covid jabs to everyone

Re: "Ministry launches vaccine drive for elderly foreigners," (BP, July 23).

Well done, the Disease Control Department, the Central Vaccination Centre, and the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

If you are a foreigner living in Bangkok or the surrounding "dark red" areas it might be relatively easy to get to Bang Sue Grand Station for a vaccination. But if you are an elderly foreigner who just happens to live elsewhere in Thailand, travelling to Bangkok and waiting with the crowds for a jab may not be such a good idea.

My point to the ministries is that there are a lot of elderly foreigners living elsewhere in the country besides Bangkok. What about us?

Johnny Thoyts

Crosswords keep me buying

Re: "Price a raw deal," (PostBag, July 22).

I echo Bruce's sentiments on the diminished value of the Sunday edition of the Bangkok Post. It is not the extra cost I lament, it is the thinning down of the paper and throwing out of so much that we readers used to look forward to each week.

Brunch was a treasure chest of wonderful Sunday reading: Normita Thongtham's Green Fingers; Suthon Sukphisit's Cornucopia; and Andew Bigg's Sanook, not to mention food and recipe columns and much more.

It is now replaced by a rehash of columns and opinion pieces from The New York Times, most of which I have already read with my online subscription.

I admit I still buy the Sunday edition, but almost exclusively because I am a cryptic crossword addict, and my Sunday morning coffee would not be the same without the crossword.

David Brown

Some advice for meat-eaters

Re: "EU beef advertisement undermines climate goals," (Opinion, July 16).

With all the terrible flooding and raging forest fires throughout the world can anyone still deny the dangers of climate change? May I remind readers that the UN says the meat industry is responsible for causing more climate change than all forms of transport put together? Scientists have warned that if people do not cut back on their consumption of meat by at least 90%, this planet is doomed.

I ask meat-eaters, will you please adopt a less selfish diet so your own children can have a future? Or is that too much to ask for?

Eric Bahrt

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