Essential post-lockdown tips

Essential post-lockdown tips

Since every Thai, their mothers and pets are heading out this weekend (guilty!), I would like to highlight a few points from the latest Covid-19 restrictions and offer a few tips that you may find useful.

1. At the time of going to print, there's still confusion surrounding eating out. At first, on Aug 27, the Centre of Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) stipulated that restaurant staff must be fully vaccinated or have negative ATK results (valid for 7 days) while customers must show proof of vaccination. The Royal Gazette later, however, didn't mention anything about this draconian requirement either for staff or customers. Then came the announcement by Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) on Aug 29, which also made no mention about it. The announcements by major mall operators such as Central and Siam Piwat also didn't mention that customers need to present proof of vaccination when they dine at their tenant restaurants. By the time you're reading this, we would have already discovered the answer. What fun!

However, I wouldn't be too surprised if the vaccination requirement is dropped. If enforced, there wouldn't be enough restaurant staff or customers to sustain the resumption of dining-in services anyway, since people who have been jabbed twice are still a minority. Also, how on Earth these restaurants would go about checking this requirement for their employees and customers? What's certain, however, is that the capacity of restaurants is limited to 75% for open-air setting and 50% for air-con setting. So while standing in the dining queue, do keep a safe distance from others.

2. Since the capacity of restaurants is limited. Groups may not get to sit at the same table. For example, Penguin Eat Shabu enforces a two-person-per-table policy. I think it's wise to call up your restaurant of choice in advance to ask about their table arrangement if you come in with dining companions.

3. According to BMA's announcement on Aug 29, if you're still inspired by the Olympics or the Paralympics and want to do a few laps in the swimming pool, make sure you go to a public one such as those in public parks. Swimming pools at malls (I guess malls with water parks?) or condos, however, remain closed. Why? Beats me.

4. Want to get your hair cut, styled and set? Make sure you make an appointment in advance and the session shouldn't be longer than an hour. (FYI, the grey hair look is in). While you can't get kneaded head-to-toe yet, foot massages are now permitted.

5. According to BMA's PR department, beauty clinics at malls are allowed to accept customers by appointment only. This kinda contradicts CCSA's earlier announcement, which allowed them to open for product-sales only.

6. Somewhat surprising is CCSA allowing group activities of up to 25 people. I'm pretty sure they don't mean you can throw a house party or organised the parties being thrown in hipsterville. #IFYKYK.

7. If you plan to head out of Bangkok for a getaway (yes, guilty again! Stop pointing fingers already!), the good news is that local airlines have resumed domestic flights. It's best to check for the latest updates and flight schedules on their respective Facebook pages. However, there are rules and regulations that you have to follow and make note of the requirements to enter a destination, which varies from one province to another.

8. The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand has introduced guidelines for passengers who are travelling out of dark-red zone provinces. First, check travel requirements imposed by the province of your destination at and prepare relevant documents accordingly. In case of proof of vaccination, passengers can show their jab record via the Mor Prom app. In the case of presenting negative Covid-19 results, visit for a list of certified labs. Fill in your reason for travelling at Follow D-M-H-T-T-A protocols at the airport and while onboard. Lastly, observe rules imposed by the province of your destination during your stay.


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