Gifts That Give Back

Gifts That Give Back


Are you feeling generous this holiday season? Perhaps, you're planning to buy gifts for your loved ones but, at the same time, you can extend your good wishes to those less fortunate than you. Here are a few gift ideas to spread the spirit of giving.

Fashion for good cause

You can always count on the Ramathibodi Foundation for an array of gifts that contribute to a good cause. What's even better is that the foundation has collaborated with artists and brands to make their offerings even more special. Just earlier this week, the foundation unveiled its latest charity collection for the seventh annual "Power Of Giving" campaign. Fourteen leading Thai fashion brands have teamed up with the foundation to design thermos flasks and tumblers, centred around the concept of "heart". Participating brands include Asava, Disaya, Greyhound, Issue and Vickteerut. Gift them to your fashionista friends and contribute to a fund for patients in need, as well as support Ramathibodi Hospital at the same time.

If you're looking for something cuter (guilty!), the foundation also introduced a line-up of cute merch in collaboration with the Line app. Dubbed "Sweet Love Letter Brown & Cony"; Brown and Cony, the Line mascots, being adorably featured on T-shirts, bags, scarves, jackets, stationery, wall clocks, lunch boxes and more. Go to

Give your pre-loved furniture a new life

You may already be aware of Ikea's recycling centre at the Bang Yai branch. You can bring recyclable rubbish (paper, plastic, aluminium/metal and glass) that you've already sorted and drop them there in exchange for Ikea Family points (5,000 points equal B50). It's also where you can exchange pre-loved Ikea furniture for a gift card if it passes an evaluation. However, if it doesn't pass and you don't want to take it back, you can still donate it to Ikea who will forward it to charity organisations within its area. In either case, your piece of furniture will have a new life and you get to be kinder to the environment.

Wardrobe purge for good cause

Ladies, admit it you're thinking about purging your closet of rarely-worn outfits to make space for new ones this time of year. You can let go of your pre-loved dresses without feeling guilty by donating them to the Pankan Society until the end of this month. They will go straight to the clothing racks of Pankan stores and be purchased by new owners, making your old dresses someone's new dresses. At the same time, the money generated from this will be used as scholarships for children under the care of the Yuvabadhana Foundation. Donate at Pankan stores or send them as a parcel. More info at Pankan also accepts other types of pre-loved items in case you want to declutter your home.

Home purge for good cause

Hoarding is nothing to be ashamed of. Step aside, Marie Kondo. Perhaps, you indulge in the auspicious-number sale events too often and things start to pile up. If you really want to get rid of some of them (to make room for the next sale, perhaps?), contact the Mirror Foundation to donate items you no longer need. The foundation will arrange for a truck to pick up your donation but a transportation fee applies if the distance exceeds 10km. Visit

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