Postbag: High performance puzzling

Postbag: High performance puzzling

Please forgive my lack of modesty. I get quite a smug feeling when I complete all three of the Bangkok Post crosswords at the weekend. The English-style cryptic on Saturdays is quite different to the American-style, two of which appear on Sunday. I think the description of "easy" for the smaller of the two Sunday offerings is flippant at best.

Am I the only reader who has invested all the time necessary to acquire the entirely different skills required? If there are other readers who regularly complete the triathlon, I sincerely hope they will contact PostBag either anonymously, or as I have, in person.

At the very least, I would like the newspaper to conduct some sort of a poll. It might be interesting to hear how such skills were originally acquired — mine were developed convalescing on board the SS Orsova en route to England in 1962. I cannot imagine it is possible to be competent in the English-style crossword without some first-hand knowledge of English, as it is spoke in England. Google may help, however.

George Cuppaidge
Hua Hin

Double check that DNA

The Koh Tao murders DNA trail must be verified by non-Thai experts. Tens of thousands of Thais and foreigners have been pleading for that every day since the scapegoats were fingered. Just as importantly, DNA tests must be carried out on the people who should be prime suspects. These include the family and (police) friends of the all-powerful and rich local headman.

Heaps of evidence points to the headman's people, but the police don't want to see it or investigate it, because it doesn't fit with their frame-up scenario of the Myanmar.

Kip Keino
Ban Nam Lat

Save our couch potato kids

Re: "One fifth of children are fat" (BP Online, Oct 11).

It is unsurprising that 20% of Thai children are fat. These days most children sit around watching TV, playing computer games, eating snacks and sleeping.

Parents need to allocate children regular time to exercise and get them eating fruit and vegetables from a young age. This won't just reduce obesity, but also lower the incidence of serious illnesses.

Sutipunt Bongsununt

Laughter is the best medicine

Re: "Ditch stale comics" (PostBag, Oct 11).

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word "comic" means "causing laughter". When the majority of your readers turn to the comic strip page they can expect to at least smile, to be amused, or to sometimes burst out laughing. These are the best ingredients of life.

That is what comic strips are for. They make people happy because they look at the lighter side of life. They are a form of freedom of expression not to be censored by the likes of John Kane or to be used by people such as him to advance their politically correct agendas.

Unlike John Kane, not all your readers claim to be sophisticated, nor do they frown upon others who enjoy a drink. Some of them may have even, on rare occasions, exceeded their limits. But they can excuse themselves with a knowing smile when they bother to read the repetitious Andy Capp, who also enjoys a simple life in a world of amber liquid.

People with similar characteristics as Andy Capp and his wife Flo actually exist and even if John Kane finds them repugnant, many of your readers can relate to his humble existence. And if you can laugh at yourself occasionally, you have found another successful ingredient to having a good life.


Malala offers hope to millions

The choice of Malala for the Nobel Peace prize is one of the biggest media events of all time. Why? Because millions of Muslim females are going to start asking there fathers why don't you let me go to school?

My daughter does not want to be the fourth wife of an 82-year-old. My daughter wants to hold hands with her boyfriend in public. We want to go shopping and drive a car alone. We want to leave the house alone. We want to pray at the mosque with men.

Al Eberhardt

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