What reason did a 24-year-old man in Chaiyaphum province give for stealing telephone cables?

A) He thought the cables looked ugly in public.

B) He was drunk and high.

C) He was upset no one ever called him.

D) He needed the money to support his numerous girlfriends. According to police, the man cut down 47m of telephone cables so he could take the copper from them and sell it on the black market. Khaosod English reports that he sold the stolen goods for more than B60,000. Upon his arrest, the man admitted: “I have many girlfriends. My latest girlfriend is about to start her new semester. She needs money.” 


Why is China’s Ministry of Culture cracking down on rural funerals?

A) Because too many people have been buried alive.

B) Because bodies aren’t disposed of safely.

C) Because guests only come for the free food.

D) Because strippers are performing at rural funerals. China’s state media have said that burlesque shows are starting to gain popularity at funerals, apparently as a method to draw mourners and flaunt the family’s wealth. The Ministry of Culture will crack down on such practices, describing them as “illegal” and corrupting “social morals”, according to Reuters.  


How did a Colorado man deal with his frustrating computer?

A) By reverting to pen and paper.

B) He took it to a repair shop.

C) By signing up for computer classes.

D) He “killed” it. Fed up with his 2012 Dell XPS 410, the 37-year-old man took the computer to an alley and shot it eight times. He told the Los Angeles Times that the computer had kept giving him the “blue screen of death” before he decided to murder it. Despite being free from the computer, the man received a ticket from Colorado Springs police for discharging a firearm within city limits. But he has no regrets. “It was glorious. Angels sung on high,” he recounts of the tech homicide. G

We feel his pain

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