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'Justice' Thai-style

Re: "Police ponder legal action in abbot ordeal", (BP, Dec 2). The inability of the DSI to arrest Phra Dhammajayo has descended into farce. In all probability he is no longer ensconced in Wat Phra Dhammakaya, despite what authorities say. With so many of his followers surrounding the temple it would be easy for him to slip away disguised as one of them. Maybe he is not even in Thailand.

We can add the abbot to a long list of people who escape justice in Thailand because of their influence, money or political power. These include an heir to a fortune who, driving his Ferrari, ran over and killed a policeman. These people are beyond the law. It must make law-abiding citizens sick.

Howard Stark

Suu Kyi's silence deafening

Re: "Suu Kyi faulted as army hits Rohingya", (BP, Dec 3).

On two occasions President Barack Obama has visited Myanmar and made a lot of statements about respect for human rights and racial and religious tolerance. All the while the persecution of the Rohingya minority has continued without let or hindrance.

No doubt his intention was to give the incoming Aung San Suu Kyi government the maximum opportunity to make good by removing the sanctions regime, knowing as he does that she has no control over the armed forces. It has also been very clear for years that Ms Suu Kyi will not take a politically unpopular stance and speak up on behalf of the Rohingya.

The history of the 20th century has shown time and again that failure to strongly oppose an organised persecution at the outset results in the persecutors becoming more brutal and acting with total impunity. When President Obama saw plainly that the Rohingya persecution was not going away, he had a duty to reimpose sanctions on Myanmar or at least publicly threaten to do so.

His failure in that respect consists of his inability to use the kind of language a Lyndon Baines Johnson or Richard Holbrooke would have used: "If you don't stop, we will not only reimpose the strictest sanctions, we will target in particular every enterprise with a military connection." And in private: "Stop now or we will cut you off at the knees." No fear of Myanmar returning to the Chinese embrace justifies the sacrifice of the Rohingya to these racist thugs and bigots. It becomes increasingly clear why Mr Obama has been such a failure. He is a weak leader who makes wonderfully eloquent speeches and then fails to act.

No wonder the USA has turned to Donald Trump, even though many voters had to hold their nose. Despite his repulsive language and obvious personal flaws, he at least projects strength and determination. Unfortunately he has shown no interest and less knowledge of Southeast Asian affairs, so is unlikely to act against the genocide in time to stop or mitigate it.

Leo Bourne

Beware deadly bird disease

There is a bird disease, "bird canker", spreading around northern Thailand and no one seems to care. I have found five birds with the disease in my yard, all dead. If allowed to spread, this disease could wipe out the poultry industry in a matter of weeks. Is there a government department that can be informed?

Richard Baugh

Visa panic unnecessary

Re: "Confusion over new visa", (PostBag, Nov 26).

At every new visa announcement, there seems to be panic and hysteria among Westerners. Calm down. The five- and 10-year retirement visas are only suggestive, for those who want them. They are not mandatory and will not become mandatory either.

Not many retirees want to invest in such drastic financial plans as they may not live long enough to enjoy them. It will be a financial gain only for the government who does not of course issue refunds for time not used.

General Golani

World is full of lying leaders

Re: "When leaders lie", (PostBag, Nov 28).

Wake up, Khun In Despair, and cite me one world leader who has never lied.

Even George Washington was supposed to have lied, he, that paragon of the American war for independence. God has nothing to do with lying leaders. Even Thai leaders lie. In fact, they have been lying so long that it is an unquestioned, expected, acceptable part of the leader's psyche. I truly believe that the only world leader who has never lied is the Dalai Lama.

The United States will survive regardless of who its leader may be. It has survived as a united nation since 1776 or thereabouts, while other nations have come and gone or have been transformed. "In God We Trust" should remain on American currency. It would be more realistic to trust one's self.


A tallow argument, indeed

Re: "New fiver raises ire of vegans", Business, Dec 1.

Is it any wonder that some vegans are a laughing stock? They are now calling on the Bank of England to remove a new polymer banknote from circulation just because the bank used tallow, a product derived from animal fats, in its production.

Perhaps these crusading vegans are unaware that tallow is commonly used in such products as make-up, shampoo and soap and therefore would also want them to be banned. Tallow may also used in candles. These people really get on my wick!

Martin R

Ahead in customer relations

I'd like to commend the boss at Tesco Lotus on North Pattaya Road for his quick action to avoid further accidents by lifting the fittings of his surveillance cameras which I crashed into with my forehead. I got a small cut but a light concussion has caused me to stay at home now for the third day and I hope to be fit to fly home on Tuesday. May I suggest Tesco Lotus cover the sharp fitting ends with some soft durable foam or plastic, and be glad I am not an American and this is America.

Mr Johnsen


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