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Food for thought

Re: "US farmers up in arms over additives ban", (BP, May 30).

By all means, Thailand should indeed ban American imported pork containing ractopamine. Some foods here also have higher chemical content as to cause health problems as some farmers and growers have no idea what they are using or the effects on themselves and others. Many edible products imported from China should head the list of things to be cautious about. Many Chinese food imports present health hazards.


US unfair to Thailand

The US is exporting a lot of dangerous goods such as arms, drugs, troops and bad habits to the world. But they are protecting their industries by invisible customs barriers. Contamination of additives is supposed to be very little, but their propaganda is huge as always. This is unfair for Thailand.

Durian Ninja

Let's see some sense

Re: "Thanathorn sets eye on premier's job", (BP, May 28).

Thammasat law lecturer Piyabutr Saengkanokkul, new Future Forward secretary-general, was a key member of law academics seeking to amend the constitution and laws such as Section 112 of the Criminal Code, which is the lese majeste law.

Our beloved national father, the late HM Rama IX, would be the most authoritative person on how to protect the monarchy, and: "Thailand's law of lese majeste has one very prominent critic: King Bhumibol. In 2005, he used his annual birthday address to convey the following concerns: (a) Charges against those accused of lese majeste should be dropped, and those held in jail for lese majeste should be released; (b) The use of the lese-majeste law ultimately damages the monarchy. When criticism (of the King) is prohibited and people are jailed for lese majeste, the damage is done to the King." (Nicholas Grossman and Dominic Faulder, King Bhumibol Adulyadej: A Life's Work, page 313, available at all major bookstores).

I should add that HM Rama 9 lived by his beliefs, for when my friend, who judged a Royal Varuna Yacht Club competition in which HM Rama 9 raced, called out a rule violation by HM, HM told him afterwards that my friend was right, and abided by the ruling.

As arrests and jail sentences for alleged Section 112 violations have surged dramatically during the past four years, I suggest that all parties should publicly debate whether "the use of the lese-majeste law ultimately damages the monarchy" or not -- and act accordingly.

Burin Kantabutra

Leadership failures

Future Forward Party leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit is facing a barrage of criticism for his controversial remark on scrapping the constitution drafted by the regime. He is yet another inexperienced "child politician", just like Canada's Justin Trudeau, thinking politics nothing more than an interesting hobby to dabble in.

Mr Thanathorn should go back to his family's automobile parts business, and Justin Trudeau should return to his high school teaching. Thailand will regret the Future Forward Party as Canada is now regretting the election of Mr Trudeau. Alas, Justin is not his father, the well remembered and respected Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

David James Wong

A tizzy of threats

The reform-minded leader of Future Forward shows the appropriate disrespect for tyranny, so PM Prayut flies into another tizzy of threats -- his regime's vision of Thailand 4.0 in a coconut shell.

Felix Qui

Comical cops

Re: "'Dino' traffic cop wins hearts of parents, pupils'", (BP, May 30).

My praise goes to Tanit Bussabong of Nakhon Nayok for his attempt to enlighten motorists and schoolchildren alike by dressing in comic cartoon-inspired costumes while directing traffic in his home town.

However, I don't think doing so will be successful in other big cities where there are many more cars. Not long ago, I read about a traffic cop doing the same thing in Europe.

The traffic cop's style of directing traffic in a dance form has rendered some motorists so mesmerised that they forgot to move their cars when directed -- causing even more gridlock to the point the officer had to go down on his knees and beg them to move on.

Vint Chavala

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