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'Young Bloods' shock

In the series "Young Bloods", the <i>Bangkok Post</i> has presented many supposedly young political talents. Actually a very good idea.

Until Oct 24, they have all been men and all (maybe with one exception) sons of former seemingly influential politicians. I was deeply shocked when I opened the Oct 24 paper and found the Post presented a woman. More: She was not the daughter of politicians. Double shock.


Run by thugs

The airports, and Thailand, will never be hospitable as long as security personnel are allowed to steal passenger belongings.

In going through security last month, I had a 2-inch folding knife/scissors, a tiny eyeglass screwdriver, and tiny can opener that I've been travelling with for 20 years taken from me. The explanation for stealing these items, permitted by the FTA, was that "Thailand has its own rules". The officer and supervisor were so sure of their honesty that they refused to give their names or allow me to photograph their name tags.

An hour later I was on a flight to Europe where they gave out steel utensils, including a 6-inch serrated knife with my meal. I'm considering selling my condo and relocating to a country not run by thugs.

Tom Ballard

Lions who lead sheep

Re: "Lions vs sheep", (PostBag, Oct 25).

Somsak Pola's comparison of the Democrat Party to a pride of lions being led by a sheep; and the Pheu Thai Party as a flock of sheep led by a lion, could be commended as a stroke of genius -- if only both were true political parties.

The Democrat Party is a legitimate political entity in that it operates as according to the country's constitution.

As for Pheu Thai, if it is proven that the party is just a gang of players being led by some convict on the run, in that case it can't be called a political party under the constitution.

A flock of sheep led by a lion will not roar and fight like lions; they will only get eaten by the leading lion.

How many misguided Thai politicians during the past 18 years have ended up serving lengthy time in jail, becoming outlaws and having to flee the country, or dying in disgrace because of Somsak Pola's "roaring lion"?

Vint Chavala

The evil of Soros

How convenient to have "somebody" mail an explosive device, have it picked up by an employee, unwrap it and "knowingly" dispose of it in the garden -- a safe place? It sounds like a fable and very probably it is one. As always around this kind of people, it is most probably a nicely fabricated operation.

"Soros" betrayed during WWII his Jewish compatriots in Hungary and was generously compensated for this service by the Nazis. In an interview about this very case -- the video can be found on YouTube if not censored -- where he expresses no regret whatsoever as to betraying his own tribe.

This is rather sad and shows the evil in this individual.


Let the Boars be

One might be inclined to agree with Martin R in his Oct 23 letter, "Boars' deserve break", that there is more to education than sitting in a classroom. Many kids in every part of the world grow up "streetwise", and some even make it as self-made millionaires. This is, however, outside the norm.

By comparison, those who sit in classrooms tend to achieve more than those who don't. One cannot but wish for the Boars' happiness and success in life, and not only them, but the same wish goes to all children everywhere. Still, they are only kids, and their lives might take a turn for the good or bad, like kids everywhere. What age was Martin R when he decided to become what he is today? I changed my mind a dozen times during my adolescent years, from policeman, fireman, army officer, to … whatever else. I was taught that all that glitters is, after all, not gold.

Ming Yan

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