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Trashing ownership

Re: "Copyright law lets big fish off", (Editorial, Nov 13).

You are correct that the small fish suffer. Recently, new Pattaya refuse collection wagons have been blasting out an old Thai song as they go about their daily business. I often wonder whether they have copyright authorisation to play this music, but I guess we'll never find out.


A deal of hot air

Re: "US hot air and the Paris accord", (Opinion, Nov 11).

Mr Parpart seems to value symbolism over substance in his criticism of President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on carbon reductions.

According to the World Carbon Atlas, US carbon emissions have actually declined by about 15% from their peak in 2007. The EU has seen a similar percentage reduction in carbon emissions in the same period. China, on the other hand, has seen its carbon emissions increase 43% since 2007. This suggests to me that the Paris Agreement doesn't do much to significantly reduce carbon emissions.

My hunch is that the real purpose of the Paris Agreement was to provide government bureaucrats an all-expenses-paid holiday in Paris and the opportunity to virtue-signal to their constituencies. The only hot air in this debate is coming from those who think the Paris Agreement will do anything meaningful to cut emissions.

Jeff Gepner

Floating a new idea

In this age of environmental awareness, Loy Krathong could easily be outdone by its virtual counterpart. Next year, perhaps revellers could celebrate the festival online, with a choice of famous rivers or even the seven seas around the world on which to launch. Digital krathong could come with virtual GPS, and a happy story to let each owner know what happens to their float in the end. Relevant ministries should cooperate to gradually phase out and finally stop this water-polluting practice altogether.

Actual krathong could still be produced, but by businesses cashing in on the festival rather than by individuals. They could make their krathong as elaborate as possible, while ensuring they are reusable, like artificial Christmas trees.

Apirath Raktaengan

Courting disaster

Another "Amazing Thailand" event, a shoot-out in a court room (BP, Nov 13). In how many other countries in the world are guns permitted inside courtrooms aside those worn by the bailiff. Truly amazing Thailand.

Sheriff Wyatt Earp

How to ruin a city

It is easier to relocate a capital than try to preserve it. Indonesia is already considering relocating its capital. The Thai government can simply relocate to Chiang Mai or another city on higher ground. How about relocating to Prachin Buri? On second thoughts, don't think about it at all. Who needs all the you-know-what that comes with being a capital … crowds, traffic, road restrictions, visiting dignitaries and, worst of all, more unneeded, useless shopping plazas?

Jack Gilead

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