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General wealthiness

Reading the Defence Forces chief's statement, I am struck by how selfless and self-sacrificing he is trying to make army officers sound and then I remember all the profitable businesses that army officers have been involved in and I wonder whether any of these businesses are now army-free or army-lite as the army chief promised shortly after a soldier went berserk and killed a lot of innocent people because the thought he was being cheated in a land deal by his commanding office.

I admit I don't know, but I would be very surprised if these selfless officers gave up very much. I would welcome an update by the army on this.

I don't know if generals are required to make a declaration of their assets, but if not, they should be required to in my opinion. Judging by the luxury cars they have, the mistresses they keep, and the jewellery and watches they wear, some of them appear to be unusually rich.


Stop parlour games

"The future is not mass tourism" (Opinion, Sept 23) was a wonderful article regarding preserving Thailand's nature.

However, there's another attraction that draws the tourists here in huge numbers which is rarely mentioned by the media or leading politicians. And that is the thousands of bars and massage parlours providing sexual favours by young women to tourists, many of whom old enough to be their fathers.

Surely it's about time these young women were found decent occupations and livelihoods. No doubt Covid-19 will assist in this process. If this issue is properly dealt with, I'm sure that Thailand's reputation will rise exponentially in the eyes of the world!

Paul Holbourne

Despicable racism

I find these racist, cowardly, bullying comments to a beauty contestant to be despicable. If the people making them think they are scoring any points for their side, they had better think again. This disgraceful attempt at intimidation is one of the things that students are out in the streets protesting and why I feel absolutely sympathetic to the students.

A Reader

Joke's on 'Big Joke'

Why do so many events in Thailand read out and entertain like soap operas? The latest episode is the Big Joke lawsuit against the prime minister for moving him to another post.

Big Joke is nothing but a swaggering braggart, a self-aggrandising policeman, (really nothing more than a high-grade civil servant), who was for himself only, garnering headlines on a nearly daily basis.

His constant bullying and bragging about how he cracked down on immigration violators with harsh words, and threats of severe punishment was his typical trademark.

Big Joke is indeed Thailand's big joke. Even a well told joke becomes quite boring after a while.

David James Wong

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