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Misdirected energy

Re: "Rise up against shallow patriotism", (Opinion, Nov 2).

I fully agree that patriots should have more important things to do than assault those who don't stand for the national anthem.

For example, Thailand would be a much more attractive place to live in if we were as upset about the corruption that permeates everywhere as about standing for the national anthem.

An example of this corruption would be Deputy Agriculture Minister Thamanat Prompow, who's confessed to a shady past while in Australia and Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha saying that the deputy minister's confession and four-year stint in Parklea prison were "small matters".

I haven't seen any Thai demonstrate to vividly remind the PM that such a person -- and an unrepentant one at that -- shouldn't be a cabinet minister.

Such a peaceful, public protest against corruption in high places would be far more beneficial for the country than hitting somebody for not standing for our anthem.

Burin Kantabutra

Young, not stupid

Re: "Endless Thai cycle", (PostBag, Oct 30).

I share Khun Lungstib's belief that competent leaders exist among the younger generations of Thai citizens. The idea that only seasoned and experienced individuals are capable of leading the country is unfounded -- particularly when in Thailand "seasoned and experienced" so often means old, male, inept and corrupt.

There are several shining examples of young leaders around the world who have proven that youth is an advantage rather than a limitation in governing.

France's Emmanuel Macron, for instance, won the presidency at the age of 39; Jacinda Arden became New Zealand's prime minister at age 37; Finland's Sanna Marin took office at the age of only 34. These and many other young leaders have performed magnificently in governing their nations.

It is long past time for Thailand to look to the younger generations for leadership. After all, it is the younger generations that have the most at stake when making decisions that will affect the country's future.

Samanea Saman

Hats off to Americans

Whoever wins the election, as an expat, I have to say I am proud of my fellow Americans for standing in line for hours, regardless of weather, to cast their vote.

At my age I could not and, truth to tell, even I were younger, I doubt that I would have. Why a system cannot be devised to obviate the need to stand in line for hours is also a fair question but nevertheless hats off to those who do.

Dean Barrett

Issue acknowledged

Re: "True-ly unhappy", (PostBag, Oct 31).

We are sincerely sorry that you are experiencing inconveniences regarding unsolicited SMS messages.

TrueMove H has enhanced standards to prevent and solve the issue of customers possibly being charged for unwanted SMS content service.

Customers may cancel commercial messages via SMS by dialling *137 and choosing option 2.

TrueMove H customers can also access "True Call Center Content Download" through 02-700-8085, which was specially set up to focus on the matter, for further information about cancelling SMS subscriptions.

Pimolpan Siriwongwan-ngarm
Corporate Communications Director, True Group

Farewell, Mr Bond

Bayete, Sir Sean.

You were best known as the first (and best Bond) but for me you were incomparable as Daniel Dravot in John Huston's wonderful The Man Who Would Be King with the equally splendid Michael Caine and Christopher Plummer.

Don't make 'em like that anymore.

May your martinis forever remain shaken, not stirred.

Ellis O'Brien

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