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Appalling injustice

People of goodwill in the world must be appalled at the worsening situation in Myanmar.

Freedom was snatched from people who were yearning for democracy, after years of military rule, by the same people who had drafted a new constitution.

The world watches and awaits an immediate return to power by the people and respect for human rights.

John Canty

Their own free will

Re: "Puppet masters must leave shade", (Opinion, March 29).

In psychology the word "rationalise" means to attempt to explain or justify one's own behaviour or attitude with logical or plausible reasons, even if these are not true.

For example, a man never gives anything to charity, but he doesn't regard himself as a stingy person. He prefers to think that charity is harmful to the poor and demoralises those who receive it.

We human beings always rationalise. If our kids rebel against us, we assume there are people brainwashing them.

We prefer to think we are perfect parents and our kids are always polite and obedient. It pains to admit that our kids turn against us on their own free will.

That's why it is always Thaksin, or Thanathorn, or Piyabutr, or even the US government, or a combination of those who is/are pulling the strings on the student protesters. But, seriously, I think it's us, the baby boomers, who are being brainwashed, not the student protesters.

Somsak Pola

Genie out the bottle

It is unlikely that Panusaya Sithijirawattanakul and her fellow detainees have been "exploited'' by shady lecturers at various universities with some undefined agendas, as mentioned by Veera Prateepchaikul in his March 29 column.

It is clear they have accessed information previously unknowable and traditionally unmentionable.

In this regard the genie is out of the bottle and it is this which seems to perplex and disturb Khun Veera and many of his generation.

Readers would be better served if he used his column to ask what kind of a regime would choose to imprison those who raise legitimate questions.

He may also ask himself who his "puppet masters" were or are.

And, while he's at it, what exactly does he think the meaning of "pragmatic " is.


Neglected nurturers

I think it is wonderful that the Bangkok Post is taking the effort and resources to honour women during the month of March. What concerns me, though, is the limited perspective of the women that are recognised and profiled. Why is it only "successful professional and business women"? Where are the accolades of women that are nurturing mothers and caretakers of the families? Nurturance is what is needed to shape a good human being.

When you only profile female stereotypes that align with economic activity, you subtly shame women that fulfil their natural role within society.

Darius Hober

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