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Brutal hazing is not bonding

Re: "'Rap nong' still too brutal", (Editorial, June 11).

University hazing has been a deadly ritual for decades, with seniors inflicting cruel punishment on newcomers. The latest victim was Uthenthawai student Veeraphan "Pleum" Tamklang, who died from chest compression inflicted by 12 seniors.

When I was initiated at a business fraternity in the US, we played games which we enjoyed because the activities made us feel welcome and helped us bond with the others -- that was the objective of the whole exercise. The goal of initiation is not to be brutalised one year so that you can, in turn, become sadistic the next year.

The whole culture of Thai hazing must be turned around 180 degrees by focusing on its objectives, which should be as those I experienced.

Such activities will make newcomers enjoy their education more and help them learn. Just punishing the Pleum's killers focuses only on the short-term; we must solve the problem at its roots.

Burin Kantabutra

A moral conundrum

Re: "'Rap nong' still too brutal", (Editorial, June 11).

What sets of moral values and social norms are being followed by those who commit acts of hazing brutality and by those who suffer them?

On the one hand, you have the set of moral values that commit acts of violence to bully a nation into submission; on the other, you peacefully protest to have your voice heard. On the one hand, you use unjust law to silence dissent or opinion that you deem disrespectful to your awesomeness; on the other, you willingly suffer unjust imprisonment according to a bullying law because your stance is the morally right one.

Which is more plausible: that the bullies forcing a show of grovelling respect from those deemed lower in the social hierarchy are supporters of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha's law and order authoritarianism, propping up traditional social structures intent on furthering their own existence, or that the bullies support the student protesters being punished for daring to seek and speak truths about those social structures?

Which is more likely: that the student protesters endorse the conservative social norms of thuggish hazing by seniors of juniors, or that they condemn such abuse committed in the name of tradition?

Felix Qui

Jab 'registration' a joke

Re: "Jab registration site opens for foreign nationals", (BP, June 8).

I originally had an appointment to be vaccinated at Central Plaza, Korat, last Tuesday. However, there were no vaccines available that day so my appointment was moved to Friday. I went to Central Plaza, Korat, that day. I had my health checked, filled out the forms and had them approved. Then I moved on to the station where I was to get a queue number. A supervisor came over and told me that even though I was able to register, I could not be vaccinated because only Thais can be vaccinated.

I went home.

Mike Newman

Downplaying virus severity?

I was surprised and somewhat concerned to find no Covid-19 statistics in Friday's printed edition of the Bangkok Post. Lots of talk of vaccines, but nothing on new clusters, new infections, or deaths. I found the figures on your website, and they are not reassuring. They do not indicate this current wave is under control.

Could it be that "The newspaper you can trust" is under pressure to downplay the severity of an outbreak which could in no way be said to be subsiding? Or is it that a tally of deaths of 27 plus daily is now no more worthy of comment than the 60 plus road casualties a day?

Ray Ban

Red tape never ends

I renewed my one-year retirement visa yesterday. It was quite painless -- I was in and out in 20 minutes. I was also informed that apart from the normal 90-day reporting we now have to do a 90-day reporting of our bank details. So in the worst case we could have to report to immigration nine times a year. What is the point of a one year visa if we have to keep reporting to immigration?

Long term resident, Jomtien

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