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Dangers of meat

Re: "The meat of the matter," (Life, July 20).

You story highlights the dangers, however slight, of contracting dangerous diseases from the handling of raw meat. It cites the case of a 46-year-old Phitsanulok woman who died after contracting streptococcus infection from handling raw pork while she had an open wound on her hand.

What is most alarming is the photograph illustrating the story. It shows what I presume is a butcher cutting up a large piece of pork or beef. Not only is he doing it bare handed, but it you look closely you will see that his fingernails are decidedly dirty.

Would you want to buy meat from a butcher like that?


Vaccine alternative?

Please give us an update on the nasal treatment as an alternative to the vaccine. Many of us would rather avail ourselves of this since it has shown in clinical trials to be both a safe and effective antiviral treatment to prevent Covid-19 transmission and symptom duration, as well as reduce symptom severity and damage in those already infected.


A different strategy

Re: "Shots off target," (PostBag, July 20).

The always good-hearted Khun Burin Kantabutra writes, "Prayut/Anutin did an excellent job fighting off the first wave, but have lost their way". Alas, good-heartedness is not what is required to understand what to do in a crisis. The government is doing the same as they did when the pandemic began plus they have added vaccinations into the mix. Results should be better, right? But clearly they are not. It is not just Thailand that is suffering.

A third wave of infections is well under way in Israel, the US and the UK, three of the nations with the highest vaccination rates, severe restrictions on public behaviour and mask mandates. Yet a good-hearted trusting public imagine these measures will work and just need to be enforced more strongly.

A blind reliance on something which is ineffective, has proven ineffective multiple times, and continues to demonstrate ineffectiveness is the definition of mass hysteria via selective amnesia. This collective behaviour of the public when combined with the propaganda, censorship and control wielded by the government only perpetuates suffering and prevents necessary measures from being implemented.

It is extremely obvious that drastic changes from the present scheme must be enacted immediately. Treatment, rather than exclusive reliance on scarce and not-so-effective vaccinations and insufficient and unreliable PCR and rapid home testing, is necessary. Preventive measures such as mass free administration of Vitamin D3 and ivermectin will reduce suffering immeasurably. Proven treatment protocols, (which are not approved or being used in Thailand) will reduce death and suffering to a large extent. These measures are the least expensive yet most effective options available to us.

Why not become truly expert in treating Covid on a national scale, something doctors are taught to do, (as opposed to being jabber puppets)? This message is, in short, "Wake up and do something different" for the sake of others.


Outdoor curbs crazy

Re: "Expanded curbs," (BP, July 19).

So, the expanded curbs in "dark-red zones" means avoiding being outdoors. Who thought up such an asinine policy? Surely, allowing people, especially children, whose schools are shut, outdoor activities with space, is essential for physical and mental health. Also, UVL destroys viruses faster than any vaccine!

The Thai government needs to get a grip!

Yours faithfully,



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