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Prepare for a spike

Re: "Reopening glitz and glam needs a backup plan," (Opinion, Oct 26).

While I fully support the Prime Minister's efforts for a grand reopening this Nov 1 and fully support the Thai vaccination drive, I could not help but agree with Atiya Achakulwisut when she urges the Thai government to have a solid plan for future possible Covid spikes because more and more news outlets are reporting on a surprising number of vaccinated individuals contracting Covid-19.

In the past few weeks, CNN reported on the late Colin Powell who contracted Covid-19 after full vaccination, and recently Fox News and NBC announced that popular Fox News host Neil Cavuto also contracted Covid-19 after full vaccination. Additionally, Thomas Lifson just published an article in The American Thinker which cited data in The Irish Times indicating that two out of Ireland's three most Covid-infected electoral areas surprisingly have adult vaccination rates which are nearly 100%.

In sum total, these are all very well-established news outlets and they are all reporting an abundance of post-vaccination Covid cases, both among the general public and also among an increasing number of celebrities. It would be fair to worry that Thailand might have a similar experience as it reopens and vaccinations proceed, and I think this strongly suggests that the Thai government needs to prepare its medical sector and public health agencies for another possible large spike in both vaccinated and unvaccinated cases. Proper planning for another wave of the disease is essential.


Digital expense

Re: "Conceiving safer payments," (Business, Oct 26).

The reliance on digital payment systems is exposing serious flaws. The financial burden of maintaining security results in higher prices since someone has to pay the salaries of 100,000+ cybersecurity experts. This cost does not include the salaries of programmers who create the digital platforms and the outlay for hardware to support the programs.

I remember when credit cards first became used and many retailers, especially gas stations, recognised the added financial burden to consumers of not using cash and placed the responsibility where it should be.

There was a price difference so that those people paying cash were charged less.

Maybe it is time for retailers to realise that cash payments are superior and incentivise consumers to use it.


Don't confuse tourists

Re: "Clear entry edicts demanded now," (BP, Oct 16).

Thai government officials should listen to the advice of tour operators and tourists on the need for plain and simple procedures for clearing potential travellers to the kingdom. If Thailand is serious about attracting tourists, the requirements ought to start and end with proof of full vaccination and one pre-flight Covid test -- which remains the airline industry norm.

There is no significant value in demanding a certificate of entry, multiple swab tests, tracking apps, or proof of insurance. It's highly unlikely that a person with the means to travel from one side of the globe to the other will do so without adequate insurance coverage. Thai officials should ask themselves if they truly want foreign tourists to visit or do they want to continue dreaming up complicated, confusing procedures that turn people away?



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