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Weapons fiascos

Re: “Air force confirms nod for new jets,” (BP, Jan 13). Our military procurement process has led to many fiascos — with no general, admiral, or ACM ever held accountable — and badly needs top-to-bottom reform.

Think of the Chakri Narubet, our aircraft carrier without combat-ready aircraft for years. The RTA’s observation balloon that couldn’t fly at combat heights. The GT 200 bomb detectors, proven to be less effective than flipping a coin — ordered by the RTA, RTAF, Royal Aide De Camp Department and other state agencies.

It’s taxpayer money paying for these toys. Taxpayer-elected representatives should decide what our money will be spent on, with military advice and following procedures set out by the Anti-Corruption Organisation of Thailand that provide for full accountability.


Don’t erase history

Re: “Stop the fanatics,” (BP, Jan 6).

I would like to congratulate William Page for his observations on Hinduism but I think he missed an important point.

What he describes is going on across the planet not just in one religion. His quote is probably more recognised as: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”, which seems to have no definitive author.

History repeats itself when people forget or cover up what went before. The 20th century was one of the bloodiest in all human history. The question is can we avoid repeating our mistakes if history is erased by the demands of a small minority?

Wisdom comes from learning, something Ramakrishna understood, as did others from different religious beliefs.

The world is facing many problems but populist or knee jerk reactions are unlikely to provide a satisfactory, painless solution. A calm and controlled approach with contemplated decisions must prevail, lest we fall into more conflict in the 21st century not only among ourselves but with mother nature.


Tourism fantasy

Re: “Tourists to pay B300 ‘entry fee,’” (BP, Jan 12).

So Thailand is entering a new campaign, the so-called “Amazing Thailand New Chapter” for tourism? The Tourism Ministry has quoted all sorts of hopeful figures for visitors. Do they actually realise that right now it is nearly impossible to enter the country unless you are willing to endure onerous quarantine. I guess the ivory tower sits above the reality on the ground and at the borders.

It truly is amazing that such a proposal is being touted when the reality of the situation is so diametrically opposite.

Can they explain how they aim to achieve these goals while they practically shut tourist outs.


Racing solution

Re: “Target bad bikers,” (PostBag, Jan 12).

There is an easy solution to the problem of unregulated motorcycle racing on the streets of Bangkok. Commercialise it. Enable those stroppy lads to make some money as they pursue their passion. Get them off the streets and onto a racetrack. Set up a motorcycle racetrack on the outskirts of Bangkok and organise a programme of races. This could be done either by the BMA or by some imaginative entrepreneur. Charge admission to the audience and award cash prizes to the winners. A new genre of sports heroes could emerge as the Bangkok Moto-rally becomes a world-famous event. It would also give a boost to Thailand’s moribund economy.



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