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Wolfman cometh

Re: "New narrative needed on getting rich", (Opinion, Jan 17). Paritta Wankiat is obviously being quite provocative with her emphasis that we need to create equal opportunity distribution in Thailand to ensure that the irreverent corrupt forces which become rich can somehow be stymied and Thailand can emerge as a land of free and equal.

There are various factors which go against the ideal of becoming rich through honesty. The traditional client-patron relationships are too ingrained in Thai society and indeed very hard to snap.

Secondly, deception is a deeper crime than just being dishonest. Look at the number of individuals who play low profile and "down and out" characters while exploiting others' vulnerability towards pity and altruism to steal a march on their peers.

The classic is not so much "Rich Dad Poor Dad" but, get smart on the limited power you have, exploit others till it hurts and even break them! What is even more distressing is that school and university curricula have removed courses in ethics and history leaving a moral gap in the training and thinking of the youth and students today. This leaves us with a glaring lack of civic sense and ethics

The ancient Greek adage homo homini lupus -- "man is a wolf unto himself" is currently the truism of the day and will pivot towards any society's downfall, unless and until we truly enshrine in our personal and social ethics, the ideal Thai phu dee principle, that way we can all live and let live.


Tourism fee scam?

Re: "Tourism fee plan get mixed reviews", (BP, Jan 17).

If you're going to charge a "tourism fee" and say that it will fund accident insurance "initiatives", what are the "initiatives"? Why are tourists also required to have medical insurance to cover Covid-19? Why not include Covid-19 medical insurance in the fee and provide each incoming person with a card or form they can show at the hospital if they need to use it. Why the extra layer of insurance? Unfortunately, I suspect none of this logic was thought out as they only want another form of tax to purchase those jet airplanes and submarines.


Pandemic is over!

Re: "First Omicron death reported", (BP, Jan 17).

An 86-year-old, bed-ridden woman with Alzheimer's disease died with an Omicron infection. Not died from Omicron, but with Omicron. Omicron is not deadly. The vaccines are in fact proving to be more lethal than the new strain of the virus which even the vaccine manufacturers admit they cannot prevent. There is no reason to continue to propagandise fear of Covid-19. The pandemic is over. The government must allow people their freedom once again. I repeat, no more fear, it is over!


Payment pain

I went to the bank to pay my health insurance instalment. The teller wanted my passport before I could pay it. She would not accept my driver's licence. Why do I have to provide ID to pay a bill? As long as they get the money it is immaterial who pays. I went to 7/11, paid, no bother. Although paying by 7/11, I have had trouble telling the bill sender I've paid it. So I prefer not to.



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