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Google propaganda

Re: "Plugging the gap," (PostBag, May 12).

Khun Songdej Praditsmanont notes, Google's search engine "enlightens and eliminates many arguments."

Actually, Google is now the primary engine of propagandising the human mind.

In fact, it has been shown to sway public opinion by as much as 80%.

Whether it is people's choice of who to vote for, what to be afraid of, where the enemy is, acceptance of non-biological sex differentiation, critical race theory, global warming or vaccine science -- Google exercises powerful control without the individual being aware of the influence.

Thought and emotion are not your own if you use Google's products, including YouTube.

Complicit in this Orwellian charade are Wikipedia and popular social media platforms.

Witness the sudden smear campaign being waged against the media's former hero, Elon Musk.

Freedom of speech is intolerable to those who embrace and enforce absolute authoritarianism.


Lazada lunacy

Re: "Resentment over Lazada ad spreads to other armed services," (BP, May 10).

The response of the military to ban using service of Lazada and blocking access to deliveries in military areas has no basis in reality.

To expect that reality and society has to act in accordance with your expectations is impossible.

There are far more important issues that require attention by the government and military than pretending that an advert had covert messaging. We can do better!


Seat belt confusion?

Re: "Child restraint rule a work in progress," (BP, May 10).

Deputy Metropolitan Police Bureau Commissioner Pol Maj Gen Jirasant Kaewsaeng-ek was probably misquoted as saying, "A parent may let their child sit on their lap with the seat belt restraining both of them." This is because in a head-on collision, the child would be squashed between parent and seat belt.

So, the British government advises "Never put the same seat belt around two children, or around yourself and another passenger [adult or child]."


Climate hustle

Re: "US must assist with climate finance," (Opinion, May 11).

Nowhere in the article is it noted that a major scientific study published in the journal Nature concluded that to significantly reduce climate change people in the West must cut back on their consumption of meat by 90%.

Instead of pointing that out, Mr Kasit sees climate change as an opportunity to try to hustle billions of dollars from America to be spent in Asia.

Maybe Thailand could use the money to invest in it's cattle industry!

Is it selfish to eat meat? Of course not.

The definition of "selfish" is anyone who hasn't been vaccinated against Co- vid!


Anti-vax overdose

Re: "Covid wake-up call," (PostBag, May 11).

Oh, PostBag, why do you continue to give Eric Bahrt time of day with his puerile anti-vaccine rhetoric?

Here was me thinking he'd realised what a fool he's been making of himself for the past couple of years and quietly turned his attention to politics -- where he sometimes makes a modicum of sense.

Not so it seems, but why this need to publish him every time he seizes on and distorts one isolated case to support his obsession with conspiracy theories?


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