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Evac mishap

Re: "Nok Air captain needs to 'defend' decision after crash", (BP, Aug 2).

Everyone knows that the number one priority in the event of any airline crash is to get surviving passengers and crew to a safe distance from the plane as quickly as possible, since fire, explosions and release of smoke and toxic fumes are major risks when there has been an uncontrolled landing.

Nok Air's lame excuses for not immediately evacuating the crashed plane in Chiang Rai are troubling. It is ludicrous for airline officials to argue that passengers cannot be allowed on the runway in such emergency circumstances -- and just plain batty to claim that passengers might have been harmed by wild animals in the area.

It is probably too much to expect that airline officials will ever admit they erred in the delayed evacuation of the crashed plane -- not the Thai way -- but I hope staff are given refresher training on basic airline safety moving forward.

Samanea Saman

Predatory frogs

Re: "Nok Nok, who's there?" (Editorial, Aug 3).

I think the captain was being judicious. According to earlier reports, there were ferocious wild animals roaming the Chiang Rai area so naturally he had to protect his crew and passengers from predatory frogs, geckos and other inhospitable fauna.

Ellis O'Brien

Mental gymnastics

Re: "Boss dodges cocaine abuse charge", (BP, Aug 3).

What has happened to standard arithmetic as in adding and subtracting?

Your story on Aug 3 says the Red Bull scion "Boss" was charged in August 2020 with cocaine abuse.

Then you say the law was changed to a "five-year statute of limitations" and so the only remaining charge for him is "reckless driving causing death" because, as the headline says, "Law change sees 'Boss' dodge cocaine abuse charge".

Let me think. I'll even use my calculator to check my maths. Yes, I verified it. 2020 + 5 years does equal 2025, not 2023.

Please advise us how your math works so that after two years, he has reached the five-year statute of limitations! I presume journalists are new to math!


Investment advice

Re: "PM hails return of foreign investors", (Business, Aug 3).

One problem attracting more Thai investment is the lack of more English investment research on many fronts. Take the Thai stock exchange for example -- where annual shareholder meetings are held only in Thai, as are the "SET OPPT Day" presentations.

Better understandable research is the lifeblood of rational investors.

In the past, translations were difficult and expensive. But in recent years this can easily be addressed through RSI (remote simultaneous interpreting).

More English language to broaden and help foreign investment understanding would be a big step forward in attracting more quality investors.

Paul A Renaud

Chronic Covid-itis

It's time the Bangkok Post acted responsibly and stopped promoting fear with constant coronavirus disease reporting as well as magnifying stories to create fear.

It's destroying the economy. Even in Australia, which had very strict lockdowns and protocols, the newspapers stopped printing daily Covid numbers a long time ago.

It creates fear and serves no useful purpose except to scare tourists away.

Michael Lane

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