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No will, no way

Re: "Search to be 'stepped up'", (BP, Aug 12).

I thank Move Forward Party MP Theerachai Panthumas for following up on the government's "pursuit" of Vorayuth "Boss" Yoovidhaya, the Red Bull scion on the run to avoid prosecution in a 2012 hit-and-run case.

The Move Forward Party seems to be the only one interested in bringing this accused cop-killer to justice. In April 2017, despite the RTP's inability to locate the fugitive, the Associated Press found him in front of his London apartment -- but the RTP failed to have him held for extradition. In March 2018, Interpol mysteriously pulled its Red Notice for Boss from its website. It could have been removed if Thailand withdrew its request for his arrest -- which the RTP denies doing. PM Prayut grabbed power eight years ago promising top-to-bottom reform, including of the police. There's no better time to start than now.

Burin Kantabutra

No U-turn problems

Re: ''Toll call", (PostBag, Aug 14).

I appreciate Ye Olde Engineer's thoughts in reference to traffic problems and roadway designs. I believe I see what he is talking about every time I drive to Udon Thani.

Udon has been suffering from a ring-road make-over for the past three years and they are close enough to completing it to enable everyone to see what the end result will be.

They include U-turns which I am in favour of, but Ye Old Engineer is not.

In my opinion, the U-turns are an imposition on those having to go past an intersection to make a turn sometimes as far as half a kilometre or a kilometre down the road, but for those drivers going straight the U-turns are ideal ... No stopping.

Once a week I take a road that has two traffic lights that can cause me to sit idle for five minutes. Not something I would have to do if there were two U-turns on that route.


Get real, Amnesty

Re: "Amnesty's impartiality plays to Russia's advantage", (Opinion, Aug 12).

Amnesty International has rightly caused huge international outrage for criticising Ukrainian forces for "endangering civilians by launching counter attacks from populated areas near schools and hospitals".

Has Amnesty lost all sense of reality? One of the first things the Ukrainians do when they are being bombarded by Putin's forces, is to instruct the population to leave.

We have seen countless times buses ferrying civilians from danger zones. Ukrainian anti-aircraft/missile systems need to be installed in cities to protect them from the Russian onslaught.

If Ukrainian forces were only based outside urban settlements, Mr Putin's forces would simply sweep in unopposed.

Ukrainian forces need to be situated in the towns and cities they are asked to defend, rather than some piece of adjacent woodland where they can be bypassed.

A truly huge boost for Mr Putin and his army of internet propagandists. He bombed hospitals in the Syrian conflict, where Russian forces would even target rescue workers who rushed to help patients in bombed hospitals with a secondary bombing campaign.

This is just a massive green light to Mr Putin to indiscriminately bomb hospitals and laugh at Western outrage, by saying well Amnesty told us they had troops.



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