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Zero is circular too

Re: "Apec business chiefs back SMEs," (BP, Sept 11).

While I mean no offence to Deputy Prime Minister and Energy Minister Supattanapong Punmeechaow as much of Europe stares in awe at 12-month energy price increases of several hundred per cent (and soon maybe even 1,000%) which are decimating Europe due to Greta Thunberg-worshipping politicians pretending for years that their "green" new energy actually worked; all the while hiding their "green" lies by quietly buying Russian energy to make up for the massive shortfall as well as dumping the environmental damage on someone else's backdoor, I find the liberal, wishful ideas Supattanapong Punmeechaow is handing out from an ivory tower difficult to take seriously.

We saw what became of Sri Lanka.

Now, only months later, because so much traditional power was wiped out by lunatic leftist politicians who pandered to climate activists, up to 70% of all British pubs are looking at closing this winter.

In much of Western Europe, many citizens will be forced (like in the winter of 1945) to choose between heating the house or cooking food, and should Nordstream 1 remain shut, the resulting financial drain will be so high that protests of tens of thousands of people such as in Prague may even give way to something far worse as there will be little heat, less food and a huge escalation in poverty this winter.

And so, it seems Apec's solution to the now exposed "Green New Scam" is simply more of the same, and to arbitrarily promote women, rather than promote exclusively based on talent?

Well, this is mainly how much of the world got in this mess (not Covid).

I hardly see "Green Power" riding in for our rescue.

In fact, it looks to me almost as though Apec and the global elites might want us to stay poor because what I read in this Thunberg fantasy plan is a great way to sustain the current "zero" global economy.

As the number "zero" is also quite circular, I won't be surprised if the world finds the bio-circular green model to end in the exact same circle as much of the world already has -- zero.

Jason A Jellison

Climate grades

Re: "Apec business chiefs back SMEs," (BP, Sept 11).

For nearly 20 years, the NGO, Germanwatch, has published an annual Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI), which is a monitoring tool for tracking the climate protection performances of 60 countries.

The CCPI assesses each country's performance in four categories: emissions (40% of the overall ranking), renewable energy (20%), energy use (20%) and climate policy (20%).

The top seven best scores (from top) are Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the UK, Morocco, Chile, India. The lowest seven (from bottom) are Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Canada, South Korea, Australia, Taiwan.

Thailand dropped five ranks from last year to 31th, EU as a whole is #27, USA is #55, and China is #38.

Ken Albertsen

Future looks bright

Re: "Tories in trouble," (PostBag, Sept 7).

Kuldeep Nagi predicts the political fate of England all the way to 2029. If he is such an amazing seer, does he have other silver-ball predictions that would enlighten us for the upcoming years to 2029? We have to prepare.

Donald Graber

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