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Cannabis sensibility

Re: "Champions of pot plot pro-cannabis bill rally," (BP, Nov 19).

What is wrong with the recreational use of cannabis that does not apply with at least equal force to the recreational use of alcohol?

People who are in favour of freedom of personal liberties should support the legalisation of cannabis for sale and use by consenting adults, with due safeguards against underage or other inappropriate use.

Those safeguards need be no tougher than now obtain for both alcohol and cigarettes; in both cases their recreational use can be harmful to society.

Alcohol in particular pose a greater threat to the underaged than does the fully legal recreational use of cannabis.

Some of the hysteria around this very sensible policy change backed by the government, albeit botched in execution, is reminiscent of the addled thinking of drug-damaged brains.

Might some perhaps have been at the alcohol too much in their youth?

Felix Qui

Think of the children

Re: "Covid risks to kids," (PostBag, Nov 18).

Tarquin Chufflebottom would have us believe that because six children in Taiwan who had acute fulminated cerebral oedema tested positive for Omicron, that Covid is therefore the cause of their illness. What about the thousands of children who have this illness who didn't test positive for Covid?

Suppose someone who has heart disease or cancer tests positive for Covid. Would we say that Covid caused the heart disease or cancer? Anyone who has done the research (Google: "Children risk of Covid 19 death") knows that the whole world has been taken for a ride with all this Covid hysterical nonsense.

And anyone who would tell me that he knows that these children do not face any long-term risk from these vaccines that were rushed to the market is a bald-faced liar. (Even the CDC in America admits that some children after getting the Covid vaccines developed such heart problems as myocarditis and pericarditis.)

Eric Bahrt

Selective reporting

Re: "Rubber bullet used to quash rally, 25 cuffed," (BP, Nov 19).

Don't forget the proverb "half the truth is often a whole lie". What it fails to say was that the moment just before that, a member of the protesting group was fiercely beat a policeman with a wooden plank of no less than 3 by 3 inches square and more than 1-metre long.

The rubber bullets were to defend against the beating. This was seen in all sources of media, including TV news.

Thanin Bumrungsap

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