Time for a new look

Re: "Fame at last", (PostScript, Nov 27).

Regarding the taxi driver's comments about Roger Crutchely's resemblance to Boris Johnson (can't see it either, but never mind), isn't it about time that Mr Crutchely's column photo is updated?

At the moment it could be mistaken for a mugshot of an uncomfortable Michael Caine in a new suit, after a few, before going on set in the late 1990s.

Ellis O'Brien
Jab second thoughts

Re: "Jabs urged ahead of New Year", (BP, Nov 29).

While it is up to each every adult to make their well-researched vaccine choices, a recent news story from America's mainstream news makes me think twice before following the government's advice and getting a Covid booster shot.

On Nov 23, the Washington Post (and thereafter the Business Standard) reported that the majority of Covid deaths in America are now not among the unvaccinated, but rather among those who have been vaccinated; standing in stark contrast to the efficacy of many vaccines for other illnesses.

As usual, many stakeholders look only at whichever side of the coin suits them. However, when Covid vaccines first became available in America, and I was permanently injured by the Pfizer vaccine, I predicted in the Bangkok Post that our current generation of Covid "vaccines" would be spotty at best, have major problems in effectiveness, and not be an effective solution to our Covid woes.

Today -- as Thailand remains heavily masked, and as I watch our vaccinated and masked students routinely get hauled out of class for coming up positive on ATK tests anyway, and as questions are still raised about just how many fatalities these vaccines themselves may or may not have caused, and as the long-term health risks of Covid vaccination are not really known -- the concerns and warnings I published before vaccines became widely available in Thailand seem to be justified.

Looking back to history, while the CHAT polio vaccine was later at least questioned in the advent of HIV/Aids, at least you knew if you took the polio vaccine you would probably never get polio.

I cannot say that today's Covid vaccines all but eradicate Covid, nor can I predict what new diseases might come down the road after these vaccines. So, if the articles I published much earlier suggesting this trend has existed for some time now seem to have held up as true and have never been refuted, and if the majority of America's Covid/Covid-related deaths now really do occur among the vaccinated, why would I bother to get another shot?

...oh, jab me!

Jason A Jellison
No quacks, please

I am tired of unqualified people expressing an opinion on medical matters that could lead to fatal consequences.

Here is an idea. Letters concerning medical advice or opinions should only be accepted from qualified medical practitioners.

I expect the usual objections to my letter, but surely matters of life and death have nothing to do with freedom of speech.

G Stead
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