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Sack shady officials

Re: "Red Bull case prosecutor discharged," (BP, Dec 3).

The Public Prosecutors Commission discharged Chainarong Saengthongaram, the senior prosecutor who tampered with the car speed evidence in the Red Bull heir Vorayuth "Boss" Yoovidhya case. However, Khun Chainarong will still get his pension.

Since he'd already resigned, the "penalty" is virtually meaningless -- and there'll evidently be no search for a massive bribe received for the tampering. Impeach the attorney-general for dereliction of duty.

Also related to this case, PM Prayut's buried the report of Khun Vicha Mahakun's panel on how to reform the police and the attorney-general's office for years, and the Opposition has uttered not a peep to make the report public. Our elected representatives are sleeping on duty.

We get what we deserve, for we elect candidates despite knowing that they'll fleece us blind (to mix metaphors). We should demand better.

Burin Kantabutra

Nowhere but up

Re: "Crypto shelf life," (PostBag, Nov 25).

While Kuldeep Nagi may be right in saying that Bitcoin has no inherent value since it is not a physical object, I would not write it off just yet.

It should be remembered that just a few months ago, people were saying that Bitcoin would go up, reaching well over US$100,000 (3.4 million baht).

The main reason why its price is so low now is that the US Central Reserve has decided to fight inflation by drastically increasing interest rates.

Once interest rates come back down to normal, the price of Bitcoin is sure to go up again and increase for a while.

All arguments aside about its inherent intrinsic value, the fact remains that the young generation has embraced Bitcoin and will likely continue investing in it.


Irrelevant politics

Re: "More balance, please," (PostBag, Dec 3).

Unlike Ben Levin, I could hardly describe myself as an "avid" reader of the Bangkok Post, but I certainly haven't seen the relentlessly negative portrayal of US conservatives that he alleges.

His grievance seems to be not that the BP doesn't buy into all the petty talking points of the pro-Trump, anti-Biden American right-wing echo chamber.

Does he really believe that a Thai newspaper catering to a small band of English-speaking nationals and expats should be delving into the specifics of minority voting trends in the USA?

Ray Ban

New page pitch

Re: "No quacks, please," (PostBag, Dec 2).

And then suddenly unqualified people should not be allowed to express a medical opinion on the PostBag opinion page. Only qualified medical practitioners should be allowed to post, at least according to some correspondents.

I suggest all the qualified practitioners and certified medical experts publish under another section in the paper in a space where readers have an expectation what they are reading is factual and might even help them if they were to follow the advice provided by professional medical practitioners.

Maybe leave the opinion page for those who like to express themselves with or without facts.

Leave it to the reader to determine what is what; maybe call it the Opinion/Entertainment page.


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