Polly the parrot has a Happy New Year

Ten-year-old Raghav Singh has sent us a poem about Polly the parrot. Although Polly lives in a golden cage, he is not happy at the beginning. Find out what happened.

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Raghav Singh is 10 years old and he is a student at the Thai Sikh International School. He sent me this poem and asked if I wanted to publish it. Of course, I do. I think you will agree it is very good.

10-year-old Raghav Singh has a parrot on his shoulder. Is that Polly?

Polly and its New Year

By Raghav Singh

Polly the green parrot
Lives in a golden cage.
Polly loves Princess Lulu
But Princess dislikes the parrot.
That is very bad.
When Christmas arrives
Polly is saying
He wants to eat sweet rice.
But the Princess yells
'' if you open your  dirty mouth''
'' I will throw you out''.
Polly is terrified.
Polly is very sad.
Polly no longer loves Princess Lulu.
Polly no longer wants to stay in the golden  cage.

2 days to go for  New Year to arrive.
So he prays to god .
'' Please set me free''

Now New Year has come.
Has brought lots of fun.
But Polly still waits for someone to come.
Then a lovely boy comes.
He says “ Happy New Year to you Polly”
and he sets Polly free.
Happy New Year to everyone.

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