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The newly reopened Children's Discovery Museum provides an exciting and interactive learning environment for all

The Children's Discovery Museum in Chatuchak district, Bangkok, is worth visits by both children and grown-ups due to fun interactive learning and state-of-the-art presentation. This attraction was reopened on National Children's Day this month after four years. The museum was established under the Learning For Young Creative Minds concept, according to Bangkok's Governor MR Sukhumbhand Paribatra. It has three buildings covering over 7,000m² and outdoor and exhibition spaces covering 3,000m².

Stepping through the dinosaur’s mouthshaped entrance into Dino Detective Zone, children can solve mysteries about dinosaurs, such as whether they were warm-blooded or cold-blooded animals, like mammals or reptiles, and why they are extinct. Children will learn about some species through models of dinosaurs and their eggs. Fossils of dinosaur eggs were found for the first time in 1859 in France, confirming that dinosaurs delivered babies in the form of eggs like reptiles do. The discovery of eggs and nests of dinosaurs in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia, in the early 1920s brought understanding of the way dinosaurs laid eggs, watched on babies while in eggs and after birth. Different types of dinosaurs bore eggs in different shapes and sizes and built nests and laid eggs in different ways.

Thor Tawan Building boasts exhibitions and activities in Creative Space, Creative Science, Junior Thai Kitchen, Dino Detective and Art Studio zones on the ground floor, Our Friends, Incredible Me, Amazing Vision and Inventors' Club areas on the first floor and Kid's Playhouse, Wonder Building and Build Our City zones on the second floor.

Rainbow Building has Big Backyard (for children between the ages of one and two) and Creative Library (for children between the ages of seven and 12) on the ground floor, and Rainbow Town (for children between the ages of three and six) on the first floor. Outdoor Activity Zone has Water Play, Jungle Adventure and Nature Playground.

The mother of a boy, who requested anonymity, commented: "I think children need constructive places like this. Today, most kids grow up in department stores and that's not how it should be. It's nice to have this museum back because it's one of the best for children."

Upon arrival, almost every child will be attracted to the Water Play and Children's Playground in front of Thor Tawan Building. Many children like to dig in the sand to find and assemble pieces of the models of dinosaurs' bones.

In the Dino Detective Zone inside Thor Tawan building, children can touch and play with every displayed object. They will learn about dinosaurs and their mysterious extinction.

"I like the dinosaur zone most. I saw very big dinosaurs for the first time here. Too bad there were too many children when I visited and I didn't have the tools to dig the fossils in the sand. I had a lot of fun with the outdoor play zone too because the slider was very high and there were big people who took care of me, so it wasn't too scary," said four-year-old Rawit Ammarapala.

In the Creative Science room, children can play with toys while learning some scientific knowledge, about things such as sound, classical mechanics, energy, movement, wind, volume and area. In the Junior Thai Kitchen, children can learn how to cook with the help of museum staff who will explain about cooking methods, utensils, ingredients and nutritional facts.

On the first floor, Our Friends is the area for all to learn about the cultures, languages and traditional costumes of many countries. You can take pictures wearing foreign costumes through an augmented reality technique and send the photos as e-cards.

In the Incredible Me zone, children will learn about the anatomy of the human and animal body, especially how the hands, eyes and brain function. Walking up to the second floor, children cannot miss Kid's Playhouse, the Wonder Buildings and Build Our City zones.

In Rainbow Building, children can read good books and play creative games in the Creative Library and Big Backyard on the ground floor. In the Rainbow Town on the first floor, children will enjoy using mini-sized vehicles of various kinds. A highlight is to play the role of people in various jobs.

"I want to be a doctor so it would be fun to play with doctor's tools," Rawit said. "I would love to go every day but it's a bit far from my house. I want to use the sound tubes because it was really fun and made a funny sound."

According to his mother, free admission means every child can have access to fun and safe play facilities. Interactive activities make learning more fun for children. Here, children learn from hands-on experience rather than just reading from the boards like other traditional museums. Adults also learn a lot from this museum.

"I would be over the moon if there was such a museum near my house. If there could be more places like this, I don't think Thai children would have to spend so much time in tutoring classes or in department stores," she said.

In the Amazing Vision Zone, children will open up to new strange perspectives when seeing reflections and illusions in the mirror rooms. Nearby is the Inventor’s Club where children will learn about the history of innovations and try to design and make some themselves.

In the Big Backyard Zone, children play creative games. In the Rainbow Town, children will enjoy playing with the small models of public transport and learn about climate change and saving energy. A highlight is to play the roles of people in various jobs, such as doctors, vets, police, aircrew, captains and astronauts, by wearing specially tailored uniforms and using smallsized equipment and tools.

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