The HR hero

Secrets to managing the people side of success

Dave Ulrich is the go-to guy for questions regarding people in the workplace -- HR Magazine calls him the "Father of Modern Human Resources". Guru speaks with Ulrich about millennials (that's you, reader!) and learns five interesting facts.

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1 "We live in an increasingly information-rich world, where all parts of our lives change.  Fashion, technology, movies and lifestyles change faster than ever. So it is not a surprise that millennials will change careers frequently. They have been raised in a world of change acceptability and so their propensity to change is very high."

Dave Ulrich.

2. "Millennials often want to find a life-work (not work-life) balance. Work is not just about performing tasks, but about finding meaning. When a job does not provide that meaning, they move on to the next job in search of it."

3. "Specific things leaders, as meaning makers, can do to help millennials be emotionally engaged in work are: delivering purpose, focusing on identity, build relationships, create a positive culture, establish flexibility at work, learn always and have fun."

4. "Three pros of millennials are vitality, global awareness through technology and willingness to change."

5.  "Three cons are unrealistic expectations, isolation and lack of perseverance."

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