Electric bus service tested on new route

A trial electric bus service linking Don Mueang airport with BTS's Mor Chit station has been launched, with the fare set at 30 baht.

Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) started on Friday the electric service for the A1 line, using a 12-metre-long bus supplied by Loxley Plc. The 35-seat wheelchair-friendly bus has all standard amenities such as GPS devices, WiFi and digital TV screens. It takes five hours to fully charge.

Deputy Transport Minister Ormsin Chivapruck said at the debut the trial service would test the bus' efficiencies and capabilities. The trial runs for three months to May 25 and the fare is 30 baht.

After the trial ends in May, the BMTA will announce terms of reference for the lease of 20 electric buses based on similar terms for BMTA’s NGV buses.

An NGV bus costs 3,000 to 4,000 baht a day to lease for revenue of 12,000 baht and the rate for electric buses are not likely to be much higher, according to BMTA.

The authority is also preparing to purchase 200 electric buses under its procurement plan that runs through 2017. A study on the purchase is being wrapped up and the bidding is being planned.  

The ministry will soon invite the BMTA's board and executives to discuss the acceleration of the procurement plan, which includes both NGV and electric buses, after the BMTA has tested Loxley's electric buses since 2015 on several routes.

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