Last updated: Nov 27, 2021 at 23:50 hrs.

Thailand situation

Total cases:2,100,959
Daily New Cases:+6,073

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World situation

Total cases:261,148,561
Active cases:21,780,428
Breaking down Covid-19 tests

Breaking down Covid-19 tests

Cheap and quick, antigen test kits help screen for the presence of the virus but results are not as accurate as an RT-PCR.

22 Nov 2021 2
A win  for health security

A win for health security

Domestically made RNA extraction kits are helping expand Covid testing capabilities and reduce costs.

8 Nov 2021 1
The long road to recovery

The long road to recovery

While far from perfect, the Phuket Sandbox programme and new no-quarantine entry is raising hopes among hard-hit local businesses.

26 Oct 2021 1
Schools need more jabs

Schools need more jabs

The nation's sluggish campaign to vaccinate school-age children has thrown the plan to fully reopen schools into disarray.

28 Oct 2021 10
Vaccine producers must step up

Vaccine producers must step up

The world stands at a critical juncture of the Covid -19 pandemic. Countries that lack the first round of vaccine coverage are extraordinarily vulnerable to the highly infectious Delta variant, and are also seedbeds for new variants that could quickly spread worldwide. The Lancet Covid-19 Commission, which I chair, is working urgently with the United Nations system to strengthen the multilateral response. Governments of countries where vaccines are being produced -- the United States, European Union members, the United Kingdom, India, Russia, and China -- need to cooperate under UN leadership to ensure that a sufficient supply of vaccine doses reaches the poorest countries.

24 Sep 2021
Vax donors, big and small, pitch in

Vax donors, big and small, pitch in

Mai Nguyen, a 27-year-old English teacher, transferred money not once, but thrice, into Vietnam's Covid-19 vaccination fund, through which the Southeast Asian country has been collecting donations in an all-out campaign to speed up the pace of inoculation amid the pandemic's most severe outbreak to date.

26 Aug 2021 4