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Thailand situation

Total cases:597,287
Daily New Cases:+18,912

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World situation

Total cases:198,031,336
Active cases:16,602,188
The importance  of testing

The importance of testing

With Covid-19 cases rising drastically, increasing access to self-test kits and providing support to patients isolating at home is critical to prevent further spread.

26 Jul 2021 3
Leaving no patient behind

Leaving no patient behind

Recently, a 12-year-old blind child was left alone in his room to quarantine. Not long after, his mother who was a diabetic, died due to Covid-19 and his father was admitted to a field hospital as well. The child was surviving on food given by his neighbour, who made a plea for help on social media earlier this month.

12 Jul 2021 2
An unnecessary fear

An unnecessary fear

Amid a surge of Covid-19 cases found in food factories, an expert reveals it is unlikely for people to contract the virus through the foods they eat.

29 Jun 2021
We can't just let Myanmar suffocate

We can't just let Myanmar suffocate

Long queues of wailing Myanmar people wait daily outside Yangon's oxygen distribution depots -- with scant regard for social distancing -- to refill their oxygen cylinders needed for their relatives at home, suffering from Covid-19.

21 Jul 2021 14
Why wasn't home isolation in the plan?

Why wasn't home isolation in the plan?

My children have Covid-19.

14 Jul 2021 5
Enough Covid stunts already

Enough Covid stunts already

It was heart-wrenching to see hundreds of people spend overnight on a pavement outside Wat Phra Sri Maha That in Bang Khen district last week as they waited to get queue tickets for free Covid-19 testing.

12 Jul 2021 32