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Total cases:15,465
Daily New Cases:+819

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Total cases:100,904,378
Active cases:26,008,668
The pandemic's unsung heroes

The pandemic's unsung heroes

Food delivery service has been a godsend for many during the coronavirus pandemic.

04:00 2
Long winding road to ruin

Long winding road to ruin

A gambling addiction can be bad enough, but combined with Covid clusters amid lockdowns, what was once 'fun' can be devastating.

26 Jan 2021 1
Coping with Covid

Coping with Covid

Adjustments and pivots are the name of the game amid lockdowns and confusing government directives.

20 Jan 2021
Recovery requires coordinated development

Recovery requires coordinated development

The three main challenges Asean will face post-pandemic -- digitalisation, supply chains and human capital -- have been widely discussed. Each of these has been emphasised in the Asean Comprehensive Recovery Framework (ACRF) and its implementation plan. Undoubtedly, Asean's continued prosperity requires proper management of their evolution during the "new normal". But what needs to be emphasised is that digital technology adoption, supply chain resilience and skills development will be even more integrated in the post-pandemic world, and thus require a coordinated development strategy.

15 Jan 2021 1
Science has delivered, will the WTO?

Science has delivered, will the WTO?

A proposal by India, South Africa and eight other countries calls on the World Trade Organisation (WTO) to exempt member countries from enforcing some patents, and other Intellectual Property (IP) rights under the organisation's Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights, known as Trips, for a limited period of time. It is to ensure that IPRs do not restrict the rapid scaling-up of manufacturing of Covid-19 vaccines and treatments. While a few members have raised concerns about the proposal, a large proportion of WTO members support the proposal. It has also received the backing of various international organisations, multilateral agencies and global civil society.

14 Jan 2021 8
How contact tracing exposed a Covid-19 hoax

How contact tracing exposed a Covid-19 hoax

The diet hoax -- that eating high-alkaline foods could beat Covid-19 -- should have died down by now. After all, science experts and fact checkers across the globe had been quick to bust it when it came out.

14 Jan 2021 10