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Total cases:26,441
Daily New Cases:+71

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Total cases:117,737,733
Active cases:21,748,019
Popcorn at your doorstep

Popcorn at your doorstep

As moviegoers stay home, cinema chains have turned to delivering snacks to curb the economic damage of the pandemic.

23 Feb 2021
Lockdown-weary Malaysians get appetite for drive-in dining

Lockdown-weary Malaysians get appetite for drive-in dining

CYBERJAYA: Motorists parked beside the Padi House restaurant chain wave their hands out of their windows to signal to waiters, who come to take their orders that will be eaten on the spot.

19 Feb 2021
Pawns in a hellish blame game

Pawns in a hellish blame game

Life is not easy for migrant workers from Myanmar who face prejudice, accusations and inequality every day − but there is hope.

2 Feb 2021 6
Listening to public is key to successful jab push

Listening to public is key to successful jab push

Hope is rising in Malaysia and around the world as Covid-19 vaccinations get underway. Our new survey of 5,916 Malaysians also reveals that attitudes toward the virus are changing for the better, reflecting more understanding about vaccines and the severity of the disease.

2 Mar 2021
Lessons from India's jab rollout

Lessons from India's jab rollout

In just 12 days after India launched its Covid-19 vaccination programme on Jan 16 -- touted as the world's largest coronavirus jab rollout -- more than 2.3 million healthcare workers have been inoculated against the virus. In Phase I of the drive, India plans to vaccinate some 30 million healthcare and frontline workers.

29 Jan 2021 17
Recovery requires coordinated development

Recovery requires coordinated development

The three main challenges Asean will face post-pandemic -- digitalisation, supply chains and human capital -- have been widely discussed. Each of these has been emphasised in the Asean Comprehensive Recovery Framework (ACRF) and its implementation plan. Undoubtedly, Asean's continued prosperity requires proper management of their evolution during the "new normal". But what needs to be emphasised is that digital technology adoption, supply chain resilience and skills development will be even more integrated in the post-pandemic world, and thus require a coordinated development strategy.

15 Jan 2021 1