Best Design: Down to earth
and revamping in style

Best Design winner, Bangkok Apparel offers clothes, bags, and furniture made from recycled materials under the name of “Renim Project”.

“We take waste denim material and recycle and upcycle it,” explains Songwut Thongthou, Director of Bangkok Apparel Co., Ltd. “We redesign the offcuts to create new items that are environment-friendly. In fact, our whole production process aims to conserve natural resources, from the air to water. And we definitely don’t use any illegal labour. The designs are also uniquely trendy and convey the modern Thai identity.”

“Renim project” won a Vouge Award in our first year (2018) when a collection under the concept of urban style was launched. The collection focused on repurposing urban clutter and conveying a “Very Thai Lifestyle”. After that, the brand participated in many design projects and collaborated with agencies in various provinces that want to promote Thainess, not least the Ministry of Culture.

“We went to help communities design fabrics and I was inspired to find the vibrancy of Thai art and culture such as weaving in Lop Buri that is traditional and local in style but combines well with our original designs. It’s like creating something new from something old.”

In view of the fact that Apparel itself won a DEmark Award in the Design Excellence Award category, this makes the brand the candidate of PM Award with the highest scores.

“We don’t repeat the concept of using waste products taken by other brands. We create distinctive designs while adhering to the circular economy concept, a trend around the world,” Songwut addressed.

Bangkok Apparel has also attended fairs in Milan, Bangkok, and New York as well as fashion shows such as LA Fashion Week and Elle Thailand Fashion Week. Songwut stated that the company closely follows news from the Department of International Trade Promotion about various fairs and exhibitions since the Department customarily buoys up Thai brand owners to go international. Now they have an American brand interested in bringing their products to a multi-store in New York.