Best Exporter: Encounter
shifting currents with courage

Best Exporter winner, Bertram, reveals how 'Siang Pure Oil' has maintained its quality for 60 years.

Bertram (1958) Co., Ltd. is determined “To move forwards toward a good society together”. The company conveys this through its products and services with the concept of Mutual Benefit.

“What is good for us is naturally good for others,” said. Suwanna Eiampikul, CEO of Bertram. “What’s not good for us is also not good for others.”

Suwanna gives priority to personnel because she believes that every employee is key to driving the organisation to success.

Suwanna took over the business from her father in 1991. She developed Bertram in many areas, beginning with its organisation.

In addition, Suwanna set a goal to bring the Thai brand to the world stage with a ‘One World One Brand’ strategy. She also wanted to do this in a way that everyone would understand that Bertram is not just trying to make money but also wants to support society by engaging environmental safety production complying with WHO and FDA Thailand.

In terms of brand building, Suwanna saw the potential of the legendary Bertram brand by virtue of the formula it has had for 60 years, recently renamed as ‘Siang Pure’.

Bertram places utmost importance on quality, investing in research and development.

“We have our own laboratory to inspect and analyse raw materials. We analyse everything from what we import to what we export. We invest in building factories and acquiring various types of machinery. In so doing, we have now achieved the world-class Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme, Good Manufacturing Practice (PIC/S GMP) production standard.”

The production and patterns of communication to the target groups are tailored to the lifestyle of each country and market. Under the ‘One World One Brand’ strategy, people in each country understand that Bertram isn’t just trading to make profit.

“We are practicing good corporate values​​ with a focus through all areas of our business on supporting good society,” said Suwanna, “We believe that this is the best basis for a sustainable future, not only for our business but for the world.”