Best Halal:
Best Halal winner, King Bell Producer, manufactures canned tuna under the “Salam” brand.

King Bell Producer Co., Ltd., led by Saran Janklay, disclosed that careful selection of fresh raw materials is the simple recipe behind Salam-brand tuna’s success.

“Only quality fish fillets are picked to reach the target market,” he explained. “From then on, we strictly adhere to the highest production standards in accordance with halal protocol. We also emphasise customer service and facilitate our employees with a prayer room.”

“We are continuously developing our products because everything is constantly changing. We have a team dedicated to developing product quality while another team researches and develops new products.”

The firm currently produces tuna packed in five different types of oil and in each case uses the necessary technology to preserve freshness, even once the raw material has been canned.

“It is our priority to satisfy our customers’ needs by rigourously do research to see what they think. Then we use that feedback to achieve yet higher levels of customer satisfaction.”

Originally, the only product was chunks of tuna in soybean oil. As the company expanded into the Middle East market, it surveyed customer demand again and found a preference for products preserved in olive oil and sunflower seed oil. People also prefer their fish in filets rather than chunks.

As Saran unveiled, five factors have to be considered to achieve the company’s goals; The target audience which directly affects the product. The company therefore studies the needs of its target customers and creates products tailored accordingly; Branding or creating a brand that is unique and recognisable; Selecting materials to both create and fill the cans paying close attention to quality, safety and the environment; Design or paying close attention to colours and forms that impress customers even before they select and consume the product; and Marketing strategies that build confidence in the quality of the products and the way they are tailored to the customers’ safety, needs and preferences.