Best OTOP:
Winning the consumer heart with healthy snacks

Pira Piramarn, Vice President, Flower Food, which won the Prime Minister’s Export Award for Best OTOP, unveiled the philosophy leading to the success of its ‘healthy snacks’.

Adherence to quality in every process and development of production methods provide platforms for Flower Food Ltd., Part.’s success.

“We’re not a big company so we don’t have much in the way of resources for marketing. To me, what enables us to survive and thrive in this highly competitive market is the quality of the products which can be directly perceived by consumers. They see our contribution to the product and appreciate our sincere determination,” Pira Piramarn disclosed.

“Although our sales do not leap ahead, we enjoy great customer loyalty and lots of repeat customers.”

“We have insisted on using the term ‘healthy snacks, for all these 30 years despite being laughed at in the beginning because people just didn’t believe snacks could be healthy. Today, I believe we will gradually move forwards to the future.”

Since the beginning, they have been an organisation that relies on research as a development tool for the products. Within the company, a high proportion of employees hold a degree in food science compared to the number of sales people. This is why the company has been improving their products along the way all the time. Pira continued, “We’ve been able to launch 50 new products every year. We also focus on the products’ taste which has to be achieved with natural ingredients.

“We position our products as healthy snacks and this has to be what essentially influences our product design. Moreover, we research export markets so our agents and distributors are on the same page with us and see the special value of our products as we do.”