Best Service Enterprise Award:
Affordable tech savvy brings precise performances across the frontiers

Best Service Enterprise Award winner Sirivatana Interprint provides printing services with experience and expertise.

Pornthep Samatiyadekul, Managing Director and Chairman of Sirivatana Interprint Public Company Limited, shared that its printing business makes the company successful.

“For publications to be of international quality and earn customers’ the highest satisfaction, we have to set our vision and goals clearly. And we see ourselves as part of the future of the global market.”

Sirivatana Interprint started working with a marine transportation company until they felt that they should have their own business. Thus, in 1976, the brand started out with a small printing house with an investment of just 200,000 baht, but they received a lot of support from existing colleagues. When the business began growing, Sirivatana Interprint had the idea that if they still got work in Thailand, they would be competing with business circle. That was why they started thinking about selling the products in foreign countries. The company then began attending various exhibitions around the world, and finally opened an office in the US, which eventually became well-known internationally.

“We have our own laboratory to inspect and analyse raw materials. We analyse everything from what we import to what we export. We invest in building factories and acquiring various types of machinery. In so doing, we have now achieved the world-class Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme, Good Manufacturing Practice (PIC/S GMP) production standard.”

The production and patterns of communication to the target groups are tailored to the lifestyle of each country and market. Under the ‘One World One Brand’ strategy, people in each country understand that Bertram isn’t just trading to make profit.

“We are practicing good corporate values​​ with a focus through all areas of our business on supporting good society,” said Suwanna, “We believe that this is the best basis for a sustainable future, not only for our business but for the world.”