Best Thai Brand: Oriental
craftsmanship passed from grandfather making pewter home décor a winner

Better Arts Group, a winner of Best Thai Brand, offers home décor and household utensils with exquisite carving patterns under the brand “5ive Sis”.

Eakwat Anansaringkarn, President of Better Arts Group Co., Ltd., explains that it is the rarity of its home décor and household utensil products that make Better Arts unique. Given the sophisticated patterns exquisitely engraved on the pewter by hand and the universal utility of the products, potential customers in A to B+ socio-economic groups are most desirous of them. This kind of fine craftsmanship is only performed in three workshops nationwide.

One important thing Eakwat stated is that this business began with his father’s generation. In those days, they were a simple made-to-order business working with a tin factory in China.

In Eakwat’s generation, they ran the tin factory themselves and took orders from customers that had different design requirements.

Now, in his daughter generation, they see the opportunity to use the knowhow that they have to respond to discerning customers who want more. To reach them, they participate in various international exhibitions and make the products available through online channels as well as The Mall Group, King Power and Central department stores.

“Luxurious, oriental features combined with Asian beliefs make our products suitable for different target audiences.”

“Our products under our new direction since 2005 are highly successful. For instance, our cups engraved with flowers representing each birth month in Japanese won the Demark Award 2015. Later, came our crystal wine glasses with pewter base, hand-carved with the 12 zodiac constellations which are aimed at the Chinese market. For this year’s collection, we are using Thai designs to convey royal stories such as depicting the Suphan Swan Royal Throne Barge, and the responses from our target markets have already been excellent.”