Muay Thai clinic for young fighters focuses on safety

Muay Thai clinic for young fighters focuses on safety

Participants at a Muay Thai workshop at Bangkok's Khongsitta gym.
Participants at a Muay Thai workshop at Bangkok's Khongsitta gym.

The team at the WBC Muay Thai Youth Cares programme, led by chairwoman Jade Bhakdibhumi, conducted a workshop that focused on safety in youth Muay Thai at Bangkok's Khongsitta gym at the weekend.

The workshop offered young Muay Thai practitioners an opportunity to understand that they could get injured if they do not use protective gear such as a head guard and shin and elbow pads.

The clinic was hosted by Matthew Deane, owner of Khongsitta gym and an ambassador for the WBC Muay Thai Youth Cares programme.

Muay Thai stars ViVi MuayDed789 and Nongkampan, among others, conducted the workshop.

WBC Muay Thai super-welterweight world champion Yodwicha Banchamek was the special guest.

The champion taught the participants techniques and supervised sparring sessions between young fighters.

The keynote speaker was Dr Sitha Phongphibool, the head of the WBC Muay Thai medical advisory board.

Dr Sitha gave an in-depth talk on the risks of not wearing protective equipment when taking part in combat sports at a very young age.

He also emphasised the importance of wearing protective gear during sparring.

The workshop made the participants aware of the serious injury they could suffer if they do not fight or train with proper protective equipment.

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