Superbon set to face mighty Petrosyan

Superbon set to face mighty Petrosyan

Superbon, left, will meet Giorgio Petrosyan in Singapore tomorrow.
Superbon, left, will meet Giorgio Petrosyan in Singapore tomorrow.

Singapore: Thailand's Superbon is ready to seize the moment, defeat one of the greatest fighters in the history of kickboxing, and become the inaugural ONE featherweight kickboxing world champion.

The stakes are high when Superbon meets Giorgio "The Doctor" Petrosyan in the Circle at ONE: First Strike. The bout will be broadcast live from the Singapore Indoor Stadium via YouTube ONE Championship tomorrow.

Superbon, who after analysing the Italian-Armenian's most recent performances, said he is more than ready to face Petrosyan.

"I studied Petrosyan's previous fights and I found that he couldn't take knees so well. For his strength, he has deadly punches and fast strikes. The danger lies in his striking techniques. He can land punches, and he kicks with incredible power and precision. He is a very strong fighter," Superbon said.

"However, I will counteract him by making a move first and attacking him whenever I see a chance."

Conversely, Superbon doesn't believe he has many flaws, and that he has the upper hand against his opponent.

"I think I have no weaknesses. My strength is that I am a well-rounded fighter. Also, with my Muay Thai background, I can adapt my Muay Thai skills to kickboxing. And, I've more experience than him," Superbon said.

"He is likely to press forward to attack me, using his long-range weapons like kicks and straight punches."

Petrosyan is the favourite to win the inaugural title. He's already won the 2019 ONE featherweight kickboxing World Grand Prix.

But Superbon is confident he can beat him.

"I will consistently press forward and keep striking to get a clean hit. If we have a chance to trade blows, I will not hesitate to do so. This fight will be a great test of our wits and tactics," Superbon said.

"It's hard to predict how the game will turn out, and it's hard to knock him out because he is a high-level fighter. Also, we both will do everything to hide our flaws so we don't get knocked out. I think each of us will likely outscore the other round by round and end up with a decision."

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