The three needed ingredients for success

The three needed ingredients for success

When I start teaching any junior golfer, I tell them that their golf club doesn't know whose hands are holding it, as does the ball have any idea of who's sending it on its way.

I'm trying to install in them that there is absolutely no limit to how good they could become.

I also tell them that to consistently produce good scores there are three ingredients in the recipe required in becoming a top player.

Technical, mental and physical abilities are essential and failure to have one of these three important requirements will hinder anyone reaching their full golfing potential.

Let's use Tiger Woods as an example.

His physical situation is not helping him come in off the 18th with a good competitive score. Nobody doubts his mental strength or technical ability, but the third ingredient is missing.

To be able to stand on the first tee knowing that you are very strong mentally and that you are swinging the club technically extremely well are factors that help you navigate well the 18 holes you have in front of you.

Now add the feeling that physically you are feeling great, your chances of coming in with a good score will improve dramatically.

Woods will always have physical limitations.

He's been open and clear about the fact that his body will never be able to do what it used to and that he'll never be able to practise at the level of intensity he once did.

The 15-time major winner withdrew from last week's PGA Championship following his third-worst career major score in the third round at Southern Hills.

Out of Bounds: Golfers take different roads seeking fulfilment and happiness.

Just because they are not on your road doesn't mean they've gotten lost, although if they come in with an 87, they took a wrong turn somewhere.

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