Fans plan to gamble on Euro 2012

Fans plan to gamble on Euro 2012

Many young football fans plan to gamble on the Euro 2012 football championship, according to a survey by the Research Centre at Bangkok University, or Bangkok Poll.

The survey was conducted in Bangkok and neighbouring provinces  and involved 1,333 respondents over 15 years of age.

Pollsters said 89.9 per cent of the respondents said they would follow the matches on television; the others said they would not bother.

And 27.5 per cent said they planned to lay bets during Euro 2012, but a high 72.5 per cent said they did not want to gamble on the matches.

Of those who planned to gamble, 32.2 per cent said they were willing to spend 101 to 500 baht on each bet,  22.1 per cent were willing to spend 51 to 100 baht, and 16.4 per cent said they might spend up to 1,000 baht.

The greatest number said they supported defending champions Spain (30.9 per cent), followed by England (23.7 per cent) and Germany (19.9 per cent).

When asked what would be the most unanticipated Euro 2012 news, 34.9 per cent said they would be most surprised if Spain did not qualify in the first round, while 24.2 per cent said the most unexpected event would be England failing to pass the first round, and 18.8 per cent said an underdog team winning the tournament would be the most surprising news.

Asked about other activities they planned to do while watching the games, 37.2 per cent said they would eat snacks, 23.8 per cent would consume soft drinks and juices, 22.8 per cent would drink alcoholic beverages and 19.0 per cent would  just watch the games.

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