On the cutting edge with the Internet of Things

On the cutting edge with the Internet of Things

Samsung is introducing a whole new line of features designed to make your life easier

Below Wanna Swuddigul, vice-president and chief marketing officer of Thai Samsung Electronics. Sasiwimon Boonruang
Below Wanna Swuddigul, vice-president and chief marketing officer of Thai Samsung Electronics. Sasiwimon Boonruang

To emphasise the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT), Samsung Electronics recently exhibited its new innovations at the 2017 Samsung Southeast Asia and Oceania Forum.

Held last week in Singapore, the one-day event featured the launch of new products that stressed the company's vision for new-generation technology, according to Yong Sung Jeon, president and chief executive officer of Samsung Electronics Southeast Asia and Oceania.

As for the Thai market, added vice-president and chief marketing officer of Thai Samsung Electronics Wanna Swuddigul, Samsung will this year educate the market with regard to smart functions, so that when people become familiar with such products, the IoT concept will then easily follow. By smart functions, Wanna means every electronic device and home appliance that can be commanded via remote control such as air conditioner, washing machine and television.

"It means you can command things from wherever you are -- you can command the machine while in your car, order the cleaner to clean your kid's room, turn on the air-con prior to arriving home. This might sound unnecessary, but when you do it, you'll find that life becomes much easier and more comfortable," Wanna said, explaining that the next step is to let the smart devices communicate with one another.

With smart functions, user experience will be much more convenient. Mobile applications will be developed and improved to serve things, and this is expected to be complete next year.

The vice-president pointed to TV as an example. Users do not need to connect to the cable-network provider, just slide from a smartphone to connect to television via Bluetooth; the content will then simply show. Also, the new smart remote offers voice control across more Smart TV features, allowing consumers increased flexibility as they enjoy at the touch of a button all their TV has to offer.

"TV isn't just TV; it's a home-decoration item and smart device. TV is happiness and beauty at home," she added

The company is now working on educating the market about the mySamsung mobile application. It is an exclusive customer-care and privileges programme, accessible anywhere from users' mySamsung mobile or web app. The application is designed to help easily set up, manage and optimise their Samsung products. It's also a portal to rewards and delightful treats.

"MySamsung is a post-purchase benefit for customers similar to service support, warrantees, emotional benefits. It is a life companion that will automatically alert you, for example, when it's time to clean the air-con. It's a tool for solving everything Samsung," Wanna said.

The localised mySamsung has now been on a trial-run phase in Thailand and will be officially introduced soon, the company now prioritising what users need the most.

At last week's annual event in Singapore, Samsung unveiled the new range of QLED TVs, adding new metal material to nano-sized semiconductor quantum dots, promising a better mix of light and colour. The new QLED TV addresses several consumer pain points, including brightness levels, lifespan, colour range, details and viewing angles.

Another innovation addressed at the forum was the Samsung Smart View app. Available on Android and iOS, the app allows users to get their personalised SmartHub experience right on their phone. The Family Hub 2.0 IoT refrigerator boasts an expanded, flexible line-up that allows consumers to choose the refrigerator that best matches their needs. It also enhances usability with intuitive app integration and new app partners to help families stay connected, manage food and access more entertainment on the refrigerator's 21.5-inch LED touch-screen. For added convenience, Samsung's advanced voice technology has also been integrated across many of Family Hub 2.0's apps.

Samsung also unveiled the latest addition to its line of POWERbot vacuum cleaners -- the VR7000. The POWERbot is equipped with several intelligent features that power the unit's automated performance. With Visionary Mapping Plus and FullView Sensor 2.0, the POWERbot VR7000 maps and remembers contours of the room for cleaning, allowing it to guide itself to dirty areas on any surface. It can also detect and work around obstacles or items as small as 10mm.

Alongside new products and technologies launched this year, the Samsung Southeast Asia Forum 2017 also exhibited Twin Cooling refrigerators and the popular AddWash laundry machine.

"All about the products," said the vice-president, "we try to make technology closer to people's lives."

With Visionary Mapping Plus and FullView sensor 2.0, the POWERbot VR7000 maps and remembers contours of the room for thorough cleaning. SAMSUNG

A curved monitor with a superfast response time of 1ms that lets you enjoy unprecedented gaming performance without motion blur. Sasiwimon Boonruang

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