SkyDesk app ties up with TAT to deliver fresh experiences

SkyDesk app ties up with TAT to deliver fresh experiences

Developed by Fuji Xerox, the app provides tourism information to visitors.
Developed by Fuji Xerox, the app provides tourism information to visitors.

Following its launch in Japan last year, SkyDesk Media mobile application will be accessible in Thailand in collaboration with the "Amazing Thailand" app created by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).

Developed by Fuji Xerox, SkyDesk Media Switch is helping to promote Thai tourism by providing visitors with new tourism information and experiences, said Kitti Pornpipatwong, graphic communication and solutions manager of Fuji Xerox Thailand.

The service links flyers distributed to tourists to online content on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or multimedia images through embedded media markers. The markers can be read by snapping or scanning them.

SkyDesk Media Switch will have iOS and Android versions. Information for tourists will be provided, including still photos and animations and connections with e-commerce solutions, along with the availability period of specific content.

With these features, the organisation can analyse information and content to design competitive strategies, Mr Kitti said. At present, more than 50 organisations are capitalising on this solution including the TAT.

Mobile users can snap or scan the image or symbol on printed TAT materials. The device will be immediately connected to the TAT's online media and access tourism information and activities.

Mr Kitti said the app does not just provide tourist information. Local governments or non-profit organisations can also offer community-specific information for local residents, such as information on traffic regulations and disaster or hazard areas in audio formats as well.

Outlet malls and other large commercial complexes can use the service to announce store information and daily events as well, Mr Kitti said.

In Japan, SkyDesk Media uses cloud technology to deliver audio guide contents linked to GPS through individuals' smartphones.

The service offers a cloud-based authoring tool and dedicated free app for users to download and view content.

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