NIA launches startup pad district in True Digital Park

NIA launches startup pad district in True Digital Park

Mr Pun-arj, left, and Mr Thanasorn at the opening of Bangkok Cyber Tech District.
Mr Pun-arj, left, and Mr Thanasorn at the opening of Bangkok Cyber Tech District.

The National Innovation Agency (NIA), in collaboration with True Digital Park, have launched Bangkok Cyber Tech District, which aims to house more than 20,000 startups.

Located in Punnawithi, Bangkok Cyber Tech District at True Digital Park is located on 200,000 square metres, considered the largest startup park in Southeast Asia, said Thanasorn Jaidee, president of True Digital Park.

The district will ensure a complete platform under the concept of open innovation, which supports multinational tech companies, startups and entrepreneurs, universities, venture capital firms, investors, and public agencies, he said.

The result will be the transfer, sharing and integration of knowledge in the digital sphere that contributes to innovation, operational support and a digital-centric lifestyle.

Google plans to set up Google Academy there, and more tech giants are expected to announce their plans next month, said Mr Thanasorn.

The first phase of True Digital Park is scheduled to open at the end of this year, with the second phase a few years later. The park is expected to support 20,000-30,000 startups, he said.

Pun-arj Chairattana, the NIA executive director, said the district will serve as a landing pad for foreign startups and a launching pad for local startups.

"It will not only serve as a centre for digital innovation and support the next-generation workforce that is connected and in tune with more digital lifestyles, it will be a comprehensive innovation district offering a complete system that supports startups in Southeast Asia, attracting both domestic and international businesses to Thailand," said Mr Pun-arj.

This includes capital, knowledge and people, which should help businesses thrive in the right environment, allowing them to compete globally, he said.

He said the NIA expects to draw some 50 international startups to the district in the first phase, facilitate their smart visas and help them manoeuvre regulations.

The NIA plans to set up a Startup Thailand Center on 200 sq m of space to provide facilities for Thai and foreign startups in Thailand. The centre will include a co-working and event space, private offices and a special platform to promote and support new startups, helping them to succeed at the international level.

The objective is to encourage and develop increased know-how among the talented workforce, but also integrate the old and new economy and drive technological developments.

Suwit Maesincee, the science and technology minister, said Bangkok Cyber Tech is a key game changer for Thailand's economy, which should improve the competitiveness of startups and SMEs.

The Cyber Tech District will foster area-based innovation for high-skilled talent that reflects concrete collaboration of public-private partnership, he said.

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