TCEB unveils new online resource

TCEB unveils new online resource

Jaruwan Suwannasat, director of MICE Intelligence & Innovation Department (TCEB M2I) on the new MICE Intelligence & Resource Centre and how it reiterates the redefined role of TCEB as the
Jaruwan Suwannasat, director of MICE Intelligence & Innovation Department (TCEB M2I) on the new MICE Intelligence & Resource Centre and how it reiterates the redefined role of TCEB as the "Thought Leader" under its new "Thailand Redefine Your Business Events" branding.

The Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau's Mice intelligence and innovation department (TCEB M2I) launched a new online resource centre to provide information and insights for organisers of conventions and exhibitions in the country.

"This year TCEB adopted data analytics to respond to changes in the Mice industry. With the Mice Intelligence & Resource Centre, the bureau will be working closely with operators to elevate the Mice sector in a sustainable and evenly distributed manner," said Jaruwan Suwannasat, director of TCEB M2I.

She said the centre aims to support anyone organising exhibitions -- entrepreneurs, companies, students and the public -- to foster business for meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (Mice) in Thailand. The initiative is part of a six-pronged strategy under the three-year Mice Intelligence & Innovation Strategic Plan (2019-2021).

TCEB is the government agency supporting and promoting Mice events in Thailand, operating since 2004.

TCEB M2I will work closely with leading global partners including the World Bank, Pacific Asia Travel Association, business consultancy Frost & Sullivan, and media intelligence firm Meltwater Singapore.

The centre includes in-depth analysis on business trends and new opportunities, industry news on Thailand's 10 S-Curve industries, and a publication centre with an electronic library for its growing number of Mice publications. It offers business tools for event management and planning software that combines pre- and post-event solutions.

A portfolio of Mice business tools and apps are available to foster engagement between event organisers and attendees. This includes event analytics, business matching, survey and event registration, and payment tools.

There's also a self-assessment tool that allows an event organiser to diagnose their event organising potential and management readiness, a financial performance analysis tool to measure event profit and return of investment, and a break-even analysis tool to calculate cost and revenue targets needed to cover the organisation and hosting an event.

"These marketing solutions add a new ceiling for Thailand's Mice industries," said Tyn Tawitaranond, senior manager of TCEB M2I and the Mice innovation section.

For example, artificial intelligence and event management tools such as facial recognition are vital to analyse visitor preferences, he said.

"With online RFS, exhibitors can submit online registrations rather than manually as previously," Mr Tyn said.

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