High hopes

High hopes

Sennheiser's new earphones hit a number of good points but miss a couple of major ones

If you're like me and want nothing more than to keep to yourself and mind your own business, you know that earphones are a godsend. And if you love music then you're probably particular with the earphones you buy because it affects the quality of music. German audio company Sennheiser has recently released their new wireless earphones, the Momentum True Wireless 2, which they have touted as "the ideal choice for the discerning listener". Given Sennheiser's well-established reputation, my expectations were pretty high when I got my hands on them.


Given its name, the Momentum True Wireless 2 gives you that expectation of unhindered movement. That's technically accomplished by being wireless. However, I do know that some people are concerned with earphones falling out of the ears. There's no greater nightmare than losing a earphone (or two) while riding pillion on a motorsai. However, these earphones fit snugly into my ear with a simple insert and slight twist as the manual instructed. They also provide different sizes of earbuds in case the default one doesn't fit well. The companion app, Sennheiser Smart Control, allows you to customise the control of the earphones by simple taps. For example, a tap on the left earphone would pause or play music while two taps on the right earphone will enable transparent hearing. It also has an equaliser feature, which is controlled simply by dragging a button so you can decide whether you want more bass or more treble when listening. It's a nifty feature especially when you're listening to different genres of music. I have no complaints about its portability: it comes with a small compact case that's easy to put away and also acts as the charging station for the earphones. As for battery life, I used it starting with a full battery for a fair amount in the span of about five days and didn't have to charge it at all.


Much like earphones these days, the Momentum True Wireless 2 gives you the option of switching from transparent hearing to noise cancelling. That means you can have the earphones on and still hear everything around you or drown out any external sound so you can thoroughly enjoy your music. The noise cancellation didn't work too well though and I could still pretty much hear any surrounding sound, which was a disappointment. I found myself confused numerous times whether I had transparent hearing or noise-cancelling mode on just because I didn't really recognise that big of a difference. The final qualm I have about the earphones is that I experienced connection lapses while using them. While walking around, there were moments when the sound would cut out intermittently, which was extremely annoying.


I had high hopes for Sennheiser's Momentum True Wireless 2. While the pros do outnumber the only two cons I specified, the two negatives were big turn-offs. At a price tag of B11,999, I'm not too keen on shelling out the cash for it. However, I don't doubt that Sennheiser will come up with better earphones fairly soon. 

The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 is available on the Sennheiser Online Store (th.sennheiser.com), as well as authorised Sennheiser retailers: Munkong Gadget, iStudio by Copperwired and .Life.


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