Huawei facing tough time outside China

Huawei facing tough time outside China

China, and in particular Huawei, is not winning these days. Huawei has some excellent hardware. Their latest phones are as good in many aspects as any other manufacturer. However, the fuzzy area is the company's links to the Chinese government. Huawei claims they are not directly linked to the government but many others say there are direct and nefarious links. Huawei recently lost their foothold in the United Kingdom as their 5G network has been disallowed or marginalised for the future. This leaves only Canada as part of the five eyes intelligence partners still supporting Huawei 5G. Other nations have also been hesitant to adopt the technology.

- Wikipedia used to be the place to go to look something up. However, in the past few years, it has changed to the place to go if you only want to read one side of an issue or a story, as politics have surpassed data and facts. I recently read an article where an expert in the field tried to change an entry only to have it changed back and be told by the editor responsible that they only accept their views on the subject. Never use Wikipedia as a primary source if there are any political connotations attached to the subject matter. Most universities will not accept Wikipedia as a valid reference.

- It will be no surprise to anyone that I love new technology. For those that have been to Disney World, you may have experienced cinema where they add physical effects like wind, rain and smell. Over the years, these have been tried to varying degrees but even in modern theatres, you will not find the technology.

- Enter Meiji University researcher Homei Miyashita. He has developed a device you can put on your tongue that will simulate all food taste sensations. It uses electrolytes in gels to simulate the five basic tastes being sour, sweet, bitter, salt and umami. The latter one is a savoury taste added to the older well-known list back in 1990. Think of the process as being like the approach used on a TV screen where varying degrees of a small combination of colours simulate an entire colour palette for our senses. I'm not sure how this will look but it does have use in providing taste but not calories for those on diets, wanting to reduce the intake of something like salt but still retain the taste in combination with real food. It will be interesting to see where this leads in the future.

- If like me you have noticed that Windows is reporting no internet connection but it seems to be working fine, then you are not alone. Since Windows 10 was released in 2004, there has been a bug that incorrectly reports your connection as non-existent. Visually it is a yellow triangle in the system tray's connection icon. If you see this and your internet still works then just ignore it until Microsoft works out why it is occurring.

- The United Arab Emirates has successfully launched a Mars probe. The aim is to orbit the planet to build a weather map of the lower atmosphere there. In other news, the UAE has a space programme. Who knew? They launched their probe from Japan's Tanegashima Space Center.

- Has anyone else noticed that YouTube seems to be increasing their advertisements? Over the past few weeks, I've noticed that I'm getting more frequent ads on the clips I watch, sometimes two in a row that I must watch before continuing. One solution is to simply download the video but if you are watching it in the background, that is not an option. On the happier side of social media, I'm loving Parler. It reminds me of the good old days of the internet where you could express yourself without the fun police stepping in and shutting down discussions as they do on Twitter and the other major platforms.

- It's official, for me at least, RAID Shadow Legends is the worst game I've ever played in my long game-playing life. You need to spend a lot of money to progress beyond a certain point and you will continually regress in some areas. If you've had any military training, the relative strength rating system is completely broken so a team at a third of your rated strength can still crush you. It is nothing more than a pretty shell over a micropayment system.

- In a similar subject area, I was a Warhammer 40,000 fan. I played the game and had a lot of fun escaping into the world of aliens and super soldiers. Games Workshop recently released a "Warhammer Is For Everyone" screed which systematically tells players they are not welcome if they don't conform to a particular belief set. This has nothing at all to do with escapist game playing and is a surrender to a small group of narrow-minded individuals. Sad that things are going this way.

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