Super Mario trivia

Super Mario trivia

Did you know Mario turned 25 early this week? Well, it's Super Mario Bros from the video game world who recently celebrated his 25th birthday anniversary.

You may have seen this little man with a big moustache and bright red cap jumping around the tiny video game screen, but there are probably quite a few facts you didn't know about him. Did you know what his original profession was, or his original name? British newspaper The Guardian has compiled 25 snippets of Mario trivia for his fans. Become a fan and learn more about Mario at

The face of Facebook

He's sometimes referred as "a robot" by some friends, but Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg isn't your typical computer geek. The 26-year-old Harvard dropout and CEO from the silicon valley who tries to make the world a more open place has so many things to share with Jose Antonio Vargas on The New Yorker website during the several interviews. The seven-webpage-long article opens up different sides of the young billionaire, echoed from himself, girlfriend, colleagues, and his own posts on his Facebook.

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Importers of three toxic farm chemicals, which are set to be officially banned from Dec 1, have vowed they will sue the government in the Administrative Court.

18 Nov 2019

Striking back

Future Forward leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit files malfeasance suit against all seven election commissioners for malfeasance for their role in his media-share case.

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Venice is in danger of losing its Unesco World Heritage status after this week's extreme flooding, according to the body's director, Mechtild Rossler.

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