Huawei unveils laptops for remote work

Huawei unveils laptops for remote work

Mr Yu unveils a line-up of new products at Huawei Asia-Pacific Smart Office Launch 2022. 
Mr Yu unveils a line-up of new products at Huawei Asia-Pacific Smart Office Launch 2022. 

Tech powerhouse Huawei has launched a new line of high-performance laptops and a tablet to serve professionals with mobile lifestyles and meet the need for remote work.

Yesterday's product launches included the laptops MateBook X Pro, MateBook D 16 and MateBook 16s, as well as the MatePad Pro tablet.

The launches were made at an event called the Huawei Asia-Pacific Smart Office Launch 2022, held at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre.

"The Asia-Pacific market has always been one of the most important regions for Huawei and we are always committed to offering the most innovative products to elevate users' daily life," Richard Yu, chief executive of Huawei's Consumer Business Group, said on a live-stream.

According to the firm, this year Huawei has a brand value of US$71 billion, and it has spent €17.5 billion on research and development despite the ongoing global economic woes.

The firm ranked No.1 in global patent applications last year with 6,952 of them.

"Huawei focuses on our 1+8+N concept to connect a wide range of products, in the process, serving five scenarios better: Smart Office, Fitness & Health, Entertainment, Smart Home and Easy Travel. Huawei will continue to put consumers as the priority," said Louie Lyu, president of Huawei Devices Asia Pacific, in his opening speech.

Huawei's 1 + 8 + N strategy uses a mobile phone as the main entrance, and 8 commonly used terminal devices such as speakers, tablets, PCs, and watches as auxiliary entrances, and then uses 1 + 8 to connect all smart Internet of Things devices.

According to Huawei, it has worked to build an all-encompassing smart office framework since 2018, based on two core capabilities -- cross-device collaboration and ecosystem integration.

The latest release of new products extends Drag-to-Connect capabilities to more devices, streamlining the process of connecting and interacting on multiple devices, the firm said.

The tech giant indicated that its launch gives new prominence to the Huawei mobile app engine platform, which makes more than 15,000 mobile apps available to PC users.

Huawei launched the flagship Matebook X Pro with a sleek and powerful design, weighing 1.26 kilogrammes, with an artificial intelligence camera, which can track the movements of speakers and keep them in the centre of the screen.

"This model supports the use of gesture commands, so you swipe left and right for video fast forward and rewind," said Mr Lyu.

The MateBook 16s is a 16-inch-screen laptop that unlocks creativity for professional use, while the MateBook D 16 is an all-round upgraded laptop with a 16-inch screen boasting a light body and advanced performance, he said.

Joining the line-up is the Huawei MatePad Pro 11-inch, a 120 Hz OLED tablet for pro-level creativity.

The launch aims to enhance connectivity and give a seamless cross-device working experience between Huawei smart devices in a full ecosystem, allowing users to control, work, and access the devices through a single one, Mr Lyu said.

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